Friday, March 27, 2009

Snot like that at all.

The house is a total train wreck. The whole house is getting a new paint job and I miss coming home to a clean, dust free room. The painters are done with my bedroom so right now it looks brand spankin' new being repainted with hotpink, lime green, and the cabinets pale yellow. Right now it looks great, like those girl bedrooms you see in the magazines. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are now painted with yellows, oranges and browns and I get allery attacks almost every thirty minutes. (I don't take meds. I just endure the suffering.) The furnitures are all over the place and in the wrong places. It's annoying. Everyday painters and neighbors come in and out of the house to help out and it's been a while now that I can't have my privacy. I'm writing this using Glam (my laptop if you're not informed) ON THE DINING TABLE. It's insane. Last night I was crying about something and I didn't have a choice but try to keep quiet as much as possible and bawl in the bathroom as quiet as I can. Pathetic sight. What's even worse is that my mom gets ticked off that I don't help that much around here with moving the furniture and cleaning up or sorting stuff. I actually find that ironic because of all people, SHE KNOWS I HAVE OVERLY SENSITIVE SINUSES (which I inherited from HER by the way) and I could die from asphyxiation anytime my body can't take anymore. 

Zshalia using Len's laptop

This morning, the only clean room in this house was my bedroom. Fortunately (with the faintest hint of sarcasm), the window-screen people came over today so my mother threw the dusty curtains onto my BED with visible dust particles flying around. I couldn't do anything but just stand there and take in all the  disbelief. I realized that my mother couldn't care less if I die in my sleep with a shut airway. Anyway, the window-screen people invaded my bedroom and conveniently threw the things out of his way so he can install the screens with ease. Before I knew it, All the stuff that used to be on the floor and the built in wooden lounge (bags, suffed toys, etc) WERE LYING IN MY BED. All of it. I just changed the sheets two days ago for godsakes.

It's crazy house hell week and I could only imagine what the next one will be like. I guess the only consolation is that right now I'm really loving how my bedroom looks so I just try to endure the series of unfortunate events and prepare for the package of pending problems... including death in my sleep.

I can't wait for the paint job to be finished!

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