Monday, February 28, 2011

Crayons and Toothbrush

I love my husband not just because of who he is, but especially because he is the most intelligent man you will ever meet. He's so full of all these great ideas to make Iaine's childhood coloful and memorable. To make the story short, he suggested that we buy Iaine's first artwork materials. So we bought some crayons and oslo paper, gave them to our beautiful babe and witnessed the making of her first masterpiece.
Once she got a hold of her crayons she tried to eat them (of course) but after we showed her how to draw she immediately followed suit. Jai distributed the paper among the three of us, started drawing something and Iaine did the same.
It's so simple but so genius. Iaine finished her first masterpiece and now it's waiting to be framed to be cherished forever. We also had a great bonding experience and a terrific learning experience for our smart girl.

After that artwork session, it was time for Iaine's first big girl toothbrush moment!
For the toothgel I bought one that's safe to swallow, also without the flouride that can cause dental flourosis in the tooth forming years. I also got her a starter toothbrush that has a 1-minute blinking light feature to make brushing more fun for little tots and its purpose was served well. Iaine loved every second of getting her teeth brushed. She always gets fascinated whenever she sees us brush our teeth so when it was her turn she was like, GAME ON! I even went past the 1-minute mark because she wanted me to brush her teeth some more. That is HUGE!

I'm so excited for my darling girl because things are just getting started. There's a lot more in store for her beautiful life. She still has a long way to go but I'm sure her accomplishments would be within her reach. We believe she's growing up to be a well-rounded, intelligent and beautiful lady. I am the proudest mom in the world right now!

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Academy Awards 2011. Just a gist.

MY BEST DRESSED: hailee steinfeld / natalie portman / reese witherspoon / halle berry / hilary swank / amy adams / jennifer hudson.

MY WORST DRESSED: nicole kidman / helena bonham carter / scarlett johansson / rhea durham / cate blanchett


best motion picture of the year:
The King's Speech

best performance by an actor in a leading role
Colin Firth (The King's Speech)

best performance by an actress in a leading role
Natalie Portman (Black Swan)

best performance by an actor in a supporting role
Christian Bale (The Fighter)

best performance by an actress in a supporting role
Melissa Leo (The Fighter)

best achievement in directing
Tom Cooper (The King's Speech)

best writing, screenplay, written directly for the screen
The King's Speech - David Seidler

best writing, screenplay based on material previously produced or published
The Social Network

best animated feature film of the year
Toy Story 3

best foreign language film of the year
In a Better World (Denmark)

best achievement in cinematography

best achievement in editing
The Social Network

best achievement in art direction
Alice in Wonderland

best achievement in costume design
Alice in Wonderland

best achievement in makeup
The Wolfman

best achievement in music written for motion pictures, original score
The Social Network

best achievement in music written for motion pictures, original song
Toy Story 3 (We Belong Together -Randy Newman)

best achievement in sound mixing

best achievement in sound editing

best achievement in visual effects

best documentary, features
Inside Job

best documentary, subjects
Strangers No More

best short film, animated
The Lost Thing

best short film, live action
God of Love

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Masterpiece in the Making

We just bought Iaine her first set of crayons and some oslo paper. Let's see what masterpiece she comes up with. :) Meanwhile, Iaine is seriously rocking out to Slayer's cover of Born to be Wild. The look on her face is priceless. She's our little rockstar, totally!

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Haters Hate Happiness

I'm taking the high road and keep on being happy (because that's what irritates haters the most).

But if I could draw an emoticon of a couple of nobodies in each other's faces screaming into megaphones about nothing important and playing no role in the contribution of the salvation of mankind, it would look like this:

( )( ) ( )( )

2 faceless asses bumbling about how shitty it is that someone else has things to be proud of plus the bonus of being happier than them in so many ways.

So. If my happiness annoys anybody out there, in any way whatsoever, I'm not sorry for being happy.
I'm sorry you're not as happy as me.

Oknowyoucankissmyass. :D

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Sicky Time Please

Me, trying to stop her from crawling out of bed again: Baby you wanna watch Dora? Let's watch Dora, na lang. Iaine: aaahhh Aaaahhh AAAHHHH!!!! (jumping and dancing included) It's funny that she doesn't care when I say NO but she sure knows who Dora is.
She's more active than ever before. She's really not a baby anymore and I'm still getting used to it. I'm having a hard time chasing her around the house and picking her up but I know that's unavoidable -- that's what you get for being a part of a toddler's life (11-12 kilo toddler hellooo).
Our everyday routine is getting better too. For playtime there's real playtime (with her toys), mom and baby time, and educational video time. Her eating habits are also getting better because she eats solid food 3 times a day now (plus formula in between).

The only problem is... we think she has measles. She's had small rashes on her tummy for a few days and a low-grade fever today but no red watery eyes, colds, or cough. We changed the sheets too just to rule out bed bug/dust mite allergy (she's had that before). We're hoping it's not measles but I think it's possible. Recently there's been a measles outbreak according to the news so I'm gonna need her pedia to finally diagnose this and give my worries a rest.

My SIL's a doctor and she was so kind to prescribe some meds to help Iaine with the rash but she's not a pedia so if things go bad we still need to see one. For the slight fever by the way, I gave her some paracetamol. I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow but I'm hoping she gets better.

She's not acting sick though. Doesn't look sick either. She's active, playful, not fussy, just happy. I hope it stays that way.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Force is Strong With This One

I love this geeky love!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Suddenly, Skin Conscious

I was dark skinned when I was young and I hated it (swimming lessons didn't help). People called me names so basically I was made fun of. Well I've grown tired of that. In high school I started using a papaya soap and got great results after a few years. Yes, it took years.

And then I stopped using it because I finally got what I wanted. Fairer, smoother skin. I wasn't conscious about my skin tone anymore because I was already happy with my complexion. But since I got pregnant I've had drastic changes in my skin again--uneven skin tone and blemishes, mostly. I can live without make up but let's just say I feel much better with make up on.

Now that Iaine is a year old I believe I deserve to focus a bit more on myself and not just the mommyhood duties. I'm conscious about my skin again. I'm all for the basic stuff really, (soap and water) but because of great reviews I read at the SP forums, I bought a facial cream, toner, and scrub today. I also bought a bar of Kojic soap which is getting pretty popular.

I'll be taking a picture of myself everyday for as long as I'm using these products and then we'll see what happens. I'm hoping I won't get any adverse reactions though.

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Bad Night, Bad Morning

Why have I been getting these weird nightmares lately?

I usually dream about ghosts recently. And just last night before I went to bed I had an eerie feeling I was gonna get nightmares again. And I was right.

I dreamt I was killed and left for dead. I turned into a ghost (and some people I know). We haunted this vacant hotel room and the people in the apartment across the alley noticed there was something weird going on. So they checked it out. Me and my other ghost friends (invisible of course) kept still in our positions (I remember lying down below the window). One of them 'felt' my presence there and tried to touch my shoulder but her hand went through it and touched the bench I was lying on. She said "Ang galing nila magblend in./They're good at blending in." They meaning us, the ghosts. IT WAS A WEIRD DREAM I TELL YOU.

The next thing I knew, I was a zombie. Somebody gave me a pill that could turn me human again. I was my old self for a day, hung out with my family (hotel lobby, pool), and then when they were all in bed I turned back into a zombie and retreated to our haunted room. I was so depressed. It all felt so real to me.

I remember talking to my mom and she told me a story about someone asking her about me and she told her "Ay patay na sya./Oh, she died." That hurt.

I also remember Jai being a zombie and he had a clone dressed as Jesus. WTF.

Sure enough I woke up in a bad mood cos of that nightmare but mainly cos I heard a loud thud... then a loud cry. My poor Iaine was lying on the floor crying! SHE FELL AND I WAS ASLEEP HAVING THAT NIGHTMARE! Sucky. So like superman, I got out of bed and picked her up at the speed of light. Turns out she woke up before I did and crawled out of bed unsuccessfully.

Iaine is fine and I realized I wasn't really dead, but it was still one of the worst mornings of my life. Sometimes I hate it when my brain works overtime.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Reasons to celebrate February 20, 2011: It's my baby sister's 12th birthday, the 1st anniversary of my baby's Christening aaaand my BLOG'S 2ND BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY! YAY!!

Cheers! Here's to more years of writing memories!

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Friday, February 18, 2011


There are some things I don't wanna forget so tweet about them. But then I thought, what the hell am I doing? I should be blogging about these things, not just giving out snippets.

Here's a list of bite size stuff about Iaine recently.

1. 10pm is DO or DIE -- sleepytime or up til 2am. Which means I'll be up til 2am. Which is OK on Fridays because her dad's coming home. Which is awesome.

2. As of today, Iaine has 6 teeth already. 2 at the top 4 at the bottom. And today I think I saw 2 or 3 more cutting through. Oh hello there, upper lateral and canine incisors.

3. Iaine has a thing for electronic gadgets and cables. She prefers to play with my laptop instead of her toys. My pink egg-shaped mouse is definitely her favorite to chew on and she always goes after my Globe Tattoo broadband device that's sticking out of the side of my laptop. She also knows cables are supposed to be attached to something because today she kept poking Jai's DVD player with the end of my earphones. Iaine would live blissfully without colorful toys as long as you give her some spaghetti cables. Unplugged, of course.

4. Iaine has tons of clothes and I'm now having trouble with storage space. Guess it's time to say goodbye to the smaller ones. Next question: How do I get rid of them?

5. Walking is her newest favorite thing in the world next to breathing. She hates being carried for a long time or else she would break free to stand on the floor and walk. She holds on to anything-- chairs, tables, boxes, etc.

6. She knows the basics of going up and down the stairs. One foot first, the other comes second.

7. Just recently she learned how to get out of our queen size bed by herself, feet first (Yes, feet first!) and it scares the crap out of me. Our bed isn't that high but sometimes I get a mini heart attack whenever I see her at the edge of the bed and she's already working her way out of there. (Maybe to check out some spaghetti cables in a corner.?)

8. Iaine only takes one nap a day now. 2 if we're lucky.

9. I just changed her milk formula. When she turned 1 I switched her to something that's for 1 year olds but she had stools that were too soft and frequent with GP. She's now drinking PG and so far so good.

10. Iaine loves Dora (old episodes). Her favorite songs are the intro song and Map's song.

11. Everyone compliments how smiley Iaine is. I agree. She's a happy well-behaved girl and we're so lucky. She's just really really reaaalllly active and bites when you least expect it. S'all.

12. Iaine knows her dad so well. I see it in her eyes whenever he comes home on weekends. I won't forget this one time.. She was asleep one morning. Opened her eyes and saw her dad smiling. She smiled back for 2 seconds and closed her eyes again. Went back to sleep, still smiling. Adorbs!

13. Iaine makes the cutes funniest faces. Eyebrows raised, jaws dropped, arms in the air. That sorta thing.

14. Iaine sings along to anything and anyone. She also loves to dance. Give her a beat and she'll stomp her feet, sway her hips and clap her hands.

15. Her current favorite TVCs are: Colgate (brush brush brush 3x a day song), Del (baby dressed as a butterfly), Del (talking shirts) and any commercial that has Vic Sotto in it.

Stay tuned. I'll come back with more Iainisms soon. :)

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playing with a Chair

February 16, 2011. Iaineygirl and a swivel chair. It ended kinda roughly but all was well. Oh mannn she's too cute for words!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Happy Toddler

A short and sweet post. My mom, my sis and I took Iaine to the mall today (dressed up in a grey tank top and red skirt with white socks, white laced doll shoes and her hair in pigtails.) My rockstar toddler had really a good time. We had merienda at KFC and I fed her some of my potato fries and rice. She really enjoyed walking with us and standing on the escalators. And I realized.. I'm gonna be having a lot more of these backache episodes because she just looooves to break free from my hands to stand and walk on her own. Today she's 1 year and 10 days old, beautiful and smart, tall for her age, and acts like she's two already. and I'm so proud of her!
The simple joys in life are always around. Iaine, thank you for making me realize that, every second of every day.

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My Soul Sisters

We've known each other since grade school and now we're still the best of friends, almost sisters. We've been through heartaches and family problems and helped each other out in those lowest moments. We used to cut classes just to hang out, talk and laugh nonstop. A love-hate relationship comes naturally because we know the best and worst qualities in each other and understand that we only want what we think is best for one another. We might meet hundreds more strangers in our lives and call them our friends, but nothing could ever compare to the special bond that we have. As we grew up we knew we were headed to different directions but it's amazing how little has changed among us. We're still the same crazy old circle of friends in high school and these ladies will always be the best of friends I will ever have in my life. I love them to atomic bits!

I'm the one in stripes and with me are my beautiful and smart soulsisters.
I'm here for them no matter what.
Undoubtedly the TRUEST FRIENDSHIP at its finest!

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One's missing in the photos, Cathlyn Garcia. Love ya!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, IAINE! I can still remember the pain from the c-section that lasted 2 weeks but what I really remember most is that very first moment I held you and whispered your name. Your Poppa and I don't have the right words to describe how happy we are that you came into our lives.

My sweet Iaine, you are my most beautiful masterpiece!
Read the details after the jump!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Better Than Flowers and Chocolates

Lovely day!

Jai and I didn't spend Valentine's day together because he had to leave at 3 am for work today. Although we did kiss at 12 midnight to mini-celebrate and then the 3 of us slept in the same bed together. Simple things make me happy.

Iaine woke up in a very good mood this morning. Her pretty eyes were sunshine and her soft puffy cheeks looked like fluffly clouds you just wanna squish. She was the look of a beautiful morning sky.
Iaine after bath time
And because of that, the whole day went great. I talked and played with her, watched cartoons and sang with her, trained her to walk (and saw her take the most number of steps so far) took her for a stroll around the village this afternoon, and then more walking and playing. Now she's asleep, tired from it all.

I thought I would feel bitter because I was sure I'd be stuck at home on hearts day, but to my surprise it turns out I just had the best Valentine's day of my life.

I only wish you were here, Jai. :D ♥

About her birthday party... I know a blog entry is long overdue, but her birthday bash went so well I don't know where to start!

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