Sunday, June 27, 2010


If you've been reading my blog for quite a while you may already know that I wanna get Iaine a Soothe and Glow Seahorse. Well I never got her that but it's totally fine because when we came home today we found a Playskool Glo-worm waiting for my little Iaineylove!
Jai suggested that we call him Lullo. Totally genius.

Iaine just loves her new plaything. Now that she's capable of doing more stuff, Lullo was the ultimate excuse to go on a grasping/chewing/licking/biting spree. The moment she got her hands on it she just started chomping down on his ear. She made this face though-- guess it's that nasty microfiber taste LOL.
Lullo may not taste very good but surprisingly Iaine has no problem licking his face. I can't recall how many times I've wiped both their faces tonight. My little Smartie would start licking and get some spit on her cheeks as well. It's icky but pretty hilarious.
But really, Lullo is actually a good toy! Piano melodies + soft glow + adorable design + lightweight = Mommy approved! I understand why Iaine loves him and I think he's gonna stick around for a while. I just don't think he's gonna put Iaine to sleep at all. Nothing else and nobody else (and I mean NOBODY ELSE) not even me, can put Iaine to sleep like her father can. She's just a poppa's girl. She really loves her a lot. Unlike how babies outgrow their toys, I think this girl will never outgrow the love that she has for her father. :)

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy, Healthy, and Beautiful

What is a pregnant woman's greatest fear? I believe it's giving birth to an unhealthy baby. I'm sure you have heard pregnant women say they don't care if the baby is a boy or girl as long as he or she will be healthy in mind and body, and it's true. I, too, have experienced these nagging thoughts. They racked my brain all throughout my pregnancy. So to help with these fears, I had regular monthly check-ups and had 2d and 3d ultrasound scans in each even though I knew visual scans can't really give any assurance that the baby's a hundred percent healthy. It still comes down to the moment you pop that baby out of you (or in my case, taken from my uterus).

I was so relieved the moment I regained consciousness in the recovery room and the nurse announced the good news--Iaine is a "well baby".

Now Iaine is almost 5 months old, at the stage where she puts in her mouth anything she gets her hands on. She likes to roll over a lot and just stay on her tummy with her hands supporting her upper body, lifts her head like a pro and looks around. She likes side-sleeping and tummy-sleeping. She likes to squeal, babble, blow raspberries and laugh! She's attentive, recognizes familiar faces, and knows how to engage in a conversation. She finally learned how to rake toys towards her and bang them together. She reaches for things, puts feet up on raised surfaces like a boss, tries to pull herself up by holding onto the rails of her crib, attempts to sit up when lying down by lifting her head and touching her chest with her chin. But I guess I'm most proud about her being an expert in walking and sitting with little help. There's a lot more developmental milestones I can share with you but actually they only mean one thing:
Iaine is a happy, healthy, and beautiful baby girl.. and all my fears were proven wrong. She's our very own Miss Universe... and I'm one darn lucky mom. :)

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dads' Day

I've always believed in love but just like anyone else, my idea of love has always been ever changing. As a little girl I thought that the little crushes I had were love. When gradeschool came around it transformed into the concept of me liking a boy and him liking me back. Around that time there were a few schoolmates who caught my eye and there's this childish thinking that young love like that can actually be serious. I had a fair share of experiencing "puppy love" but that's all it was--immature infatuation, no commitments, no pressure, merely face value.

As I grew up into a young lady things changed a lot. I eventually thought about the possibility of being a married woman someday. I later understood that a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship shouldn't be a temporary thing but instead a drizzle before a rainbow or a seed that grows into a tree. A romantic relationship is the previous stepping stone to marriage if a couple chooses to be wed.

I wondered a lot about who I could end up marrying. Each romantic relationship I had opened up the possibility of "forever after" but there was just no spark to assure me that they were "THE ONE." Deep inside I knew I wasn't meant to be with them. So I started to ask myself, what kind of LOVE am I looking for, anyway?

I knew I wasn't looking for a father figure or someone like my dad. Some girls have that standard but I don't really believe in that. My father is a good man--a GREAT man--but I know Mommy has always loved Daddy for who he is and not because Daddy is a lot like my grandfather (hardworking and good-looking top the list).

Everybody knows my dad has always been the strict kind, but actually, the memories that stand out among others are the happy ones from my childhood. He used to play with me and my sister a lot. He would hang blankets around the living room for us to play house. Sometimes, sis and I would also go piggyback on him and no matter how silly it might have looked, he had no trouble being on all fours crawling around like a donkey in the living room. All for the happiness of his little girls.

I remember how he always had Juicy Fruit and Double Mint ready in his pocket. I found it odd that he used a piece of paper to do a toothpick's job but nevertheless I was impressed by this innovation. I'm just not sure if he's still doing this though.

He's always been fond of reminding us how to take care of our skin, getting up early, making ourselves presentable before breakfast, how to dress appropriately, attending church every Sunday of the year, etc. He's a very organized man. But I guess, among all things, he was especially good at teaching us important moral values including how to be obedient daughters. Mommy and himself were a tag team. They could go on for hours (LOL) but I have to admit, I wasn't actually 100% obedient. But he still loved me no matter what, and I think that's the most incredible thing about Daddy. He's a good provider, a loyal husband, a very loving and forgiving father.

There's this thing about Daddy by the way... He never wanted me to have a boyfriend while I was still in school, but being the former self-proclaimed black sheep that I was, I did.

One day, a mysterious film buff came into my life. He kept sending me online messages, relentlessly trying to start a conversation, and while I was still in another relationship, I entertained this man without even knowing I'll end up marrying him the next year.

The more I tried to avoid him, the deeper I fell for him. And I fell hard.

I found myself in love, a new and different kind of love which gave me the courage to fight witches, dragons, and venom fanged hydras for him. He gave me superpowers and made me believe that we would have a great life together.

I've always believed.

This man is now the father of my 4 month 2 week old baby girl who we named Iaine Sivela Feona, and she looks more like him that she does me. Iaine falls asleep faster in his arms, doesn't need 2 seconds to flash a smile once she sees him, and she's got his hair, his nose and lips, his height, his fingers and toes. She is his mini-me, and he couldn't be more proud to be the father of our first-born baby.

This man, who has a disco ball at the center of his black and white striped bedroom has a collection of hundreds of DVDs and books, doesn't eat vegetables, and doesn't comb his hair. (Why? Because he doesn't have to. His hair is beautiful as it is and I love combing it with my fingers.) He has a scar on his hand which he got from an unusual computer-related circumstance, a scar on his belly from an appendectomy, a white patch on his neck which just came out of nowhere, and a wish to have his very own straight jacket. These are just some stuff that I know and love about him. I have yet to discover a lot more things that define him but who's in a rush? Because just like how mommy loved daddy, I should love him for who he is and not look for something that's not there to begin with. The human perception of love may be ever changing, but the love that I'm giving my husband will never falter.

Jai isn't as organized as my dad, they work in different fields, they get along well but rarely see each other and talk even less... But even though they have a number of differences, I love them both and I'm sure they have at least one thing in common...
They're both GREAT FATHERS!
I can't expound more on that because their GREATNESS doesn't need an explanation. To me, they just deserve to be loved and respected, just like how they are with other people. If it weren't for them I wouldn't find out what true love is, so I'm giving back the unconditional love that they have for me.

To the greatest men in my life,
Also to Lolo Victor & Lolo Benito (+)

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Sunday, June 13, 2010


As a first time mom I'm on the lookout for milestones all the time. Can't help it. One, because I'm excited. Two, because I know Iaine is a smart girl and I've proven for many times already that milestones are pretty much a piece of cake for that kid. And three, I think it's only natural for moms to look for signs that assure them their baby is healthy and normal. Nothing bad about that.

Iaine has accomplished quite a number of milestones already (I prefer not to enumerate them because there's dignity in silence LOL) and the most recent thing she's done is rolling over repeatedly and staying on her tummy for long periods of time. Then I realized.. pretty soon she's gonna be crawling all over the place, pulling up on her own, and sitting on her own. But it's never gonna happen inside a wooden crib. Nuh-uh.
Okay, two totally random pictures.
Eat your heart our, Blair Waldorf!
So I realized it's about time to add something new to our daily routine--playtime. Psssh. I mean REAL playtime. I mean we play with each other a lot (parent-child interaction is very important for babies' growth and development) but now there's a certain time of day that I'm going to just sit down and play with her. It's not just gonna be random moments holding her and making baby-talk conversations anymore. This morning I assembled a 3x3 rubber puzzle mat (which by the way my Mom bought for Iaine so thanks Mom), placed the jungle gym on top of that, threw in pillows, stuffed toys and rattes and voila, a baby's playtime paradise!

So far so good. First day in her playtime spot went great. She loved it. She had a great deal of time rolling over and staying on her tummy for however long she wanted, and she was very pleased to just stare and talk to the toys scattered around her (baby girl hasn't discovered how to rake them towards her yet). Ah, I've never been more excited to buy her more stuff!

I'm looking forward to this time of day everyday. No chores, no TV, no internet, just me and my little diva, having quality time together. Good ol' mother-daughter bonding.
Houston, we have a smiler! :)
I'm pretty sure we have a happy week ahead of us and we wish the same for you!

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Friday, June 11, 2010

The "4th Month" Update

Because the weather is good to me today and I have a slice of Black Forest cake sitting beside my laptop, I wanted to make a new blog entry about some events that recently took place.
• • • • • • • •
Finally, Iaine made it to Enchanted Kingdom! On June 5th, my family and I went to the most popular amusement park in the Philippines and of course we tagged our little cuddler along. Man, was that place packed or what!

It was really humid and I was sweating all over and I was really worried that Iaine would just freak out from all the hustle-bustle of the park and the annoying climate, but thank goodness she just slept for most of the time and just stayed well-behaved all throughout the day. Having someone to watch over Iaine was never a problem--my mom and my aunts were more than willing to.

I'm a pretty lucky to have this family.

The magic DOES stay with you!
• • • • • • • •
Because I'm so used to my everyday routine with Iaine, it came as a surprise to me when I realized that Iaine would be turning 4 months old! And on June 6th she did. I was so happy to see my little girl in a good mood on her 4th month birthday. Her beautiful smile was the cherry on top of her über cute outfit. We invited Jai's relatives over (mine were off somewhere else and couldn't come) and they enjoyed watching our wedding video over dinner.
We're so proud to have this happy healthy baby girl! Happy 4th month, Lil Cheeky!
• • • • • • • •
My sister-in-law celebrated her birthday on June 7th and she decided to treat us to lunch at Greenbelt. We also went to Glorietta for a little shopping. Best part? Lunch at Bubba Gump! I couldn't finish my plate though. It was a LOT of shrimp.
• • • • • • • •
Last weekend was kinda busy, but my most favorite part was.. at the end of the day, me and my two darlings would just lie in the same bed, make each other laugh, take pictures, and just enjoy each other's company. It's not LV bags, Pingpong Shrimps, and how many hours you spend in an amusement park that matter.. It's about family, it's about who you come home to.
These people make me feel so blessed to have this life;
the life that I wouldn't have any other way.

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