Sunday, June 13, 2010


As a first time mom I'm on the lookout for milestones all the time. Can't help it. One, because I'm excited. Two, because I know Iaine is a smart girl and I've proven for many times already that milestones are pretty much a piece of cake for that kid. And three, I think it's only natural for moms to look for signs that assure them their baby is healthy and normal. Nothing bad about that.

Iaine has accomplished quite a number of milestones already (I prefer not to enumerate them because there's dignity in silence LOL) and the most recent thing she's done is rolling over repeatedly and staying on her tummy for long periods of time. Then I realized.. pretty soon she's gonna be crawling all over the place, pulling up on her own, and sitting on her own. But it's never gonna happen inside a wooden crib. Nuh-uh.
Okay, two totally random pictures.
Eat your heart our, Blair Waldorf!
So I realized it's about time to add something new to our daily routine--playtime. Psssh. I mean REAL playtime. I mean we play with each other a lot (parent-child interaction is very important for babies' growth and development) but now there's a certain time of day that I'm going to just sit down and play with her. It's not just gonna be random moments holding her and making baby-talk conversations anymore. This morning I assembled a 3x3 rubber puzzle mat (which by the way my Mom bought for Iaine so thanks Mom), placed the jungle gym on top of that, threw in pillows, stuffed toys and rattes and voila, a baby's playtime paradise!

So far so good. First day in her playtime spot went great. She loved it. She had a great deal of time rolling over and staying on her tummy for however long she wanted, and she was very pleased to just stare and talk to the toys scattered around her (baby girl hasn't discovered how to rake them towards her yet). Ah, I've never been more excited to buy her more stuff!

I'm looking forward to this time of day everyday. No chores, no TV, no internet, just me and my little diva, having quality time together. Good ol' mother-daughter bonding.
Houston, we have a smiler! :)
I'm pretty sure we have a happy week ahead of us and we wish the same for you!

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  1. ako ang unang nakasaksi ng paglalaro nya ng laway sa labi. angcute. last week e paisa-isa lang. ngayon e mayat maya na.

    hay mahal ko talaga kayo.

  2. And I'm so happy that you did! Nakakatuwa talaga baby natin. We're so lucky.
    Mahal ko rin kayo, Love.. :)

  3. tabachingching :)) ang cute cute