Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy, Healthy, and Beautiful

What is a pregnant woman's greatest fear? I believe it's giving birth to an unhealthy baby. I'm sure you have heard pregnant women say they don't care if the baby is a boy or girl as long as he or she will be healthy in mind and body, and it's true. I, too, have experienced these nagging thoughts. They racked my brain all throughout my pregnancy. So to help with these fears, I had regular monthly check-ups and had 2d and 3d ultrasound scans in each even though I knew visual scans can't really give any assurance that the baby's a hundred percent healthy. It still comes down to the moment you pop that baby out of you (or in my case, taken from my uterus).

I was so relieved the moment I regained consciousness in the recovery room and the nurse announced the good news--Iaine is a "well baby".

Now Iaine is almost 5 months old, at the stage where she puts in her mouth anything she gets her hands on. She likes to roll over a lot and just stay on her tummy with her hands supporting her upper body, lifts her head like a pro and looks around. She likes side-sleeping and tummy-sleeping. She likes to squeal, babble, blow raspberries and laugh! She's attentive, recognizes familiar faces, and knows how to engage in a conversation. She finally learned how to rake toys towards her and bang them together. She reaches for things, puts feet up on raised surfaces like a boss, tries to pull herself up by holding onto the rails of her crib, attempts to sit up when lying down by lifting her head and touching her chest with her chin. But I guess I'm most proud about her being an expert in walking and sitting with little help. There's a lot more developmental milestones I can share with you but actually they only mean one thing:
Iaine is a happy, healthy, and beautiful baby girl.. and all my fears were proven wrong. She's our very own Miss Universe... and I'm one darn lucky mom. :)

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  1. and im an even luckier father. love you both always

  2. grabe sis buti kaw ganun lng nging fear mo.. alam mo sa akin its been a year and still waiting.. i don't know pero ung fear na kelan ba ako mabuntis or meron ba?:( been crying sometimes pero iniiwasan ko na rin ma saad.. am just praying na maging ok in time at bigyan na kami ni normal pero andun pa rin ung fear..

    Anyways am so ingit cos u have such a very beautiful and charming baby.. sana in time ako din :)

    i can feel u really love her and sobra ung love ng nanay na nanay nasa u na-- ung tipo i will do everything for my daughter.. sarap ng feeling..:)

    God bless ur lovely family sis!

  3. Time will come sis na ikaw naman ang post ng post ng pics ng baby mo and you'll get to experience all sorts of mommyhood adventures. Masarap na mahirap sabi nga nila, pero talagang masaya. =)

    The best of luck to you and your hubby, sis! And thanks for always dropping by! Love love! <3