Sunday, May 12, 2013


Hello there!

I feel like I've let myself down. Not blogging about my daughter is like not being interested to let her know how she grew up. I really feel guilty about it, so now I've decided to make time for writing again... yet I'm not sure where to start as she has grown a lot.

First, a quick update about me. I'm now working in one of the busiest central business districts in the country, and the environment is great. It's like an everyday Devil Wears Prada setting, only I couldn't care less about branded stuff.

But enough about me, I'm am back to writing mainly because I am so proud of my daughter. My pride is overflowing. I know every mom says their kid is special, smart, etc., but I kid you not when I say that I am amazed at my child's intelligence. You would not believe that she's only 3 when you talk to her. She expresses her thoughts in clear sentences, using the English and Filipino language. She knows how to count from one up to twenty-something. She sings like a gradeschooler and reenacts TV commercial scripts like an actress. She's tall for her age and more beautiful that I ever was, and her presence lights up anybody's day.

We have decided that it's about time that she started school. We have enrolled her in a private montessori in the city and we were thrilled to know that she was overqualified to be a Nursery student and could've been enrolled for the Kinder 1 program if not for her actual age. We have enrolled her just last week for the and we're in the process of completing her enrollment requirements. This is a huge deal for my husband and I, as we realize that this is the very first of the many school years to come.

Tomorrow I plan to get her ID picture taken and on Monday we're taking her to the school to have her measurements taken for her uniform. We still got a lot to buy for her like her first school shoes, socks, notebooks, pencils, and other school thingamajigs. I remember shopping for baby stuff when I was still pregnant, and right now it feels somewhat like that.. It's gonna be an exciting new phase of my daughter's life and I know she would do her best as a student.

Anyway, I'll try to post about stuff that I didn't write about while I was on a hiatus. And it irks me that  my Lilypie ticker is stuck on my daughter's second birthday. Lol. Stay tuned for more details of past events. Just regular stuff like, you know, Christmas, new year, and her 3rd birthday??

Let me just take a moment to take it in... My baby is now a preschooler!

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