Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Christmas Man

This is a story about someone who turns up around Christmas time. *Ho ho ho!* Of course this is not about Jesus. So who's everywhere these days? Yep. Santa Claus!

It's the fat guy in red, white, black, and gold (can't forget those glasses!) The large old man who we used to stay up late for, just to see him at 12 mindnight placing our presents under the Christmas tree and filling our Christmas stockings. But it never happened because he's not real. (Sorry, kiddo.) Actually I think he looks like a fat version of Dumbledore. Right?

Anyway, Iaine had her 1st encounter with Santa Claus today. The three of us purposefully went to the mall just to see the man at 1 o'clock. I even dressed her up in a rockstar/ballerina-ish outfit. Pink skull and purple tutu FTW!

The little girl was asleep the whole trip, so when we got there she wasn't in the best mood. Didn't even look at the man for 2 seconds.
Iaine, the guy's working hard to get paid, cut him some slack! You could have at least smiled. LOL

By the way, a little side story.

So we just arrived at the mall right, so it was time to take the camera out of the bag. I unzipped it, reached down into it, and then... I knew something wasn't right.

My bag was wet.

Frickin' Avent bottle leaked 6 ounces of water. Six frickin ounces of water. Everything was soaked, including my two cellphones and the camera. The camera was fine cos it had a case, but I knew my phones were definitely wrecked. The Nokia phone's buttons weren't working and the Samsung phone was dead.

Dear Avent, you may be BPA-free but you SUCK. Leak problems all the time. Imma cut you. (I wonder if Born Frees are better?...)

Anyway, being the OC worry wart that I am, I panicked instantly but tried to get myself together cos at that point it was a matter of do or die. Fight or flight. Gitterdone or else. Ackkkk.


So after the Santa photoshoot we immediately took my poor babies to this cellphone repair stall at the same mall. The repair guy was so nice to us and promised that if they couldn't fix my Nokia we wouldn't have to pay them anything. So we left my fone there, taking my SIM and memory cards with me. After having lunch at KFC (pics below) I was so worried about my phone. Fortunately, they got my Nokia working again! Eight hundred pesos gone with the wind. Or should I say, water?
She loved sitting in that high chair. Made her high, I think. LOL

I don't know if my Samsung phone's broken cos I still haven't dared to turn it on after it drowned in my bag. It's an old model so it's not really that bad if I don't get to use it again, but... it's still a shame.

Sigh. All for Meester Senty Cloz.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Long Weekend In a Good Way

My husband, Jai, works 5 days a week and comes home for the weekend. Today is that day!

He came home around 9am, just 2 seconds after I texted him, asking him where he was already. Usually he gets here around 10 or 11 so I was really surprised.

When Jai approached the bed, Iaine smiled the brightest smile and immediately crawled towards him. The moment he picked her up she wouldn't let go.

I live for moments like that. :)

So anyway, Jai brought home new toys which were actually presents from his secret Santa at his office Christmas party. He told them that baby toys were all he wanted so that's what he received. Actually, his workmate exceeded our expectations! Iaine got a xylophone, a bedtime book, and a musical TV. Super thanks to you, my friend!

Right now the world is at peace because my two lovely babies are asleep. Iaine just had a bath so a little playtime and a bottle was all she needed to doze off. And as for Jai, he's just tired. He travels for a few hours just to get home.

But wait, there's more! Iaine wasn't the only one who got all googly-eyed with all her presents. I got a bunch of surprises from dear hubby, too!

A bottle of Nestea (because it's my favorite), VanHouten almond chocolates, one thousand five hundred pesos worth of Soxedo Premium Passes aaaand... HIS 2 DAYS OF VACATION LEAVE! I think I'm gonna explode!!!!!!

This, by the way, is the list of the stores where Sodexo Premium Passes are honored. Yeah that's a lot of stores...
I'm so proud to say that my husband landed a good job in a very generous and employee-loving company (can't forget to mention the the health benefits--they're awesome). But most importantly, I wanna thank my husband for being such a good provider to us, his family.

*We're so proud of you Love, and how hard you work for us. WE LOVE YOU!*
And cheers to a long weekend with hubby! Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeaaahhhhh

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Spontaneous Foodies

This is most favorite month everrrr but December makes me crave for all kinds of food which can eventually lead to unwanted gain weight. December is the month that makes me crave for creamy coffee all the time. And donuts too. But whatever--it's the month of food and festivities, no need for excuses!

Tonight I went to the nearest grocery store and the best bakery in town (Pan de Manila) to satisfy my cravings... It's just rained and it's dark out, the road is wet from a heavy rainfall in the afternoon and it was still drizzling when I stepped out at 7pm. Serious cravings indeed! I'm also motivated because Jai's coming home tomorrow morning and I wanna serve delicious soft bread and hot creamy coffee for breakfast. Even if he doesn't drink coffee.♥
The bread's in the dining room and this is the rest of the stash. Coffee, creamer, and hell yez OREEEOOOOOSSSSssss! 'Tiiiis the season to be fatty la la la la la.. La la la laaahhh....

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Orange Ya Glad?

Iaine had her first bottle of orange juice today at lunchtime! YAY! The first sip kinda weirded her out I think like "WTH is this, mother??" but after a few seconds she was sucking that bottle like her life depended on it. Just sucking it all in to the point of almost aspirating, then she pulls out the bottle, and pops in back in. It's hilarious.

She also had a bottle of milk formula before that. And a few bites of green papaya with bits of white rice. Really, I feel so high right now. Teething is starting to take it easy on her, finally! Her appetite's making a major a comeback which makes me the happiest mom on earth. She also loves those buttermilk biscuits that go soft in water fast (and in my sweet baby's mouth) and those tiny oranges called ponkanitas or kiat-kiat which are smaller than the palm of your hand.

But that's another story. One day when I was eating them I remembered those lemon-eating babies on YouTube making funny faces. So I peeled a piece out, made a small bite at the tip and then squeezed the juice in Iaine's mouth.

She totally sucked the life out of that poor little orange. Allow me to demonstrate:
And that's how things went down. Sorta. ü

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Happy Things on Happy Pics

3 posts in one night? I'm on a roll!
Well this is the last one for tonight. I just wanted to share these edited pictures with you because they're brimming with shimmering cuteness and happy thoughts. I found an adorable photo editing website tonight that lets you make the fanciest, cutest, kawaii-est photos evuuuur. :3
That is all.
Good night, Philippines! And good morning, America!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Random Cuteness No.2 (Christmas Edition)

Here's another list of some random cute stuff I found on the internet and I am officially declaring that they're on my wishlist this Christmas... and forever more. (Deep.)
Strawberry Santas! Fruity yummy Vitamin C goodness with the right touch of whip cream. Creativity at its finest. Sigh. Sheer holiday cheer.
Hey waiter, there's a yellow submarine in my tea....... Hell yeah?? Super awesome timing for the cold climate this Christmas hello?!!?! I don't actually drink tea but this thing makes me want to. Tea like, everyday.
Pandas floating in noodle soup. I SWEAR, I'VE HAD THIS BEFORE, I just don't remember what brand it was. It was delicious and I bet it still is. Hot noodles + cold Yuletide morning breeze = blissss.

Cupcake Bonnets to keep Iaine warm and cute all night on Christmas eve. I can just imagine... Too adorable for words!
A classic: Double Stuf Oreo cookies. You would think they taste just like any other Oreo cookie but noooooo. You'd be wrong! These nomnoms are heaven. I would be so HAPPY to receive a truckload of these on Christmas and be grateful for the rest of my life. And by the way Santa Claus--milk or no milk, these gems are delicious.
And lastly... Ta-dah! A sewing machine. When I saw ndtitanlady's YouTube pillow and keychain creations, *PING* an idea! She also made a giant tampon plushie too (I'm dead serious). I've decided to put this at the number one spot in Christmas wish list (the sewing machine not the tampon). Doesn't need to be exactly this one which is super adorable, portable, and girly but I would definitely be stoked to own my very own machine for beginners and learn how to sew. I've been following a few blogs and vlogs of very creative people who sew for fun and others eventually make a living out of it, and it's insipiring to see their masterpieces transformed out of the simplest, plainest sheets of fabric. I'm not after the money, I want this to be a new hobby. Who knows? Maybe someday I'll be making Iaine's clothes myself. I mean I know the basics of sewing like repairing torn clothes and stuff like that, a few manual stitches here and there, but to actually create something out of nothing is what I really wanna do.

Project Runway, here I come.

Wait for iiiiit...


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10 Months Old!

Guess who's reached the double digit mark?...

She turned 10 months old last December 6th and as usual, we held a simple celebration here at home. Pammi (shoutout to a fellow Bumpie heyy) complimented me on that and said it was nice that we do that every month (or something like that). Such a nice gal. Anyway, it is! It's a Filipino thing. We celebrate a baby's month birthdays before she turns a year old. Well my little party was a success and my most favorite part was I got to taste my favorite cake again. Dulce de Leche by Red Ribbon FTW!
Now for some quick updates...

One. I finally got a reservation! The party venue isn't too far from home but to get there it's more convenient to bring a private car. The function hall looks classy and it's super spacious.

Two. I'm still working. Underpaid of course! Because the Philippine's big ass government doesn't give a crap about nurses (no pun intended? LOL) I love my job but to tell you frankly, it sucks. I'm thinking of diving into another sea of opportunities where the fish are... But I'll cross the bridge when I get there.

I'm feelin so metaphorical right now.

Three. We've hired a nanny! Which is great, because Jai and I are working parents. I trust her because my MIL recommended her and she's worked as a housemaid here before. So far she's doing a good job and she's giving me absolutely no reasons to worry.

Four. I'm tired. All the time. I don't know. Do I need to take vitamins like I breathe oxygen? I don't know. I just can't handle too much stress. (A shoutout to family members, holllaaaaa LMAO)

Five. I absolutely LOVE thrift stores. Today I went downtown and spent an entire hour just looking for stuff in one. I mean the place was packed and I was sweaty and tired but I have to say it was worth it. I'm still amazed at how much stuff I could buy at such low prices.

Six. Iaine is constantly pulling my hair, screaming in my ear, pulling my bra straps and snapping them back against my skin (that last part she discovered on her own I swear). But she's an adorable, beautiful baby whose eyes can make anyone's heart melt like a strawberry/choco fudge cake ice cream on hot summer sand. So I just keep still and let her beat me up to her heart's content. Come onnnn she's just a kid, go buy yourself a big bag of humor. :P
Seven. YAY FOR FOUR TEETH! More pearly whites are rearing their not-ugly heads which means more drool, screams, and MORE SCREAMS! Good ol' mommyhood fun! (And yes, I stretched out her pretty lips for y'all to see; she didn't seem to mind.)

Eight. MORE PLAYTIME! It's getting harder and HARDER to leave the house each day because as Iaine grows, it's more fun to play with her and just stay home with her. Playtime is my most favorite part of the day--item number SIX included! I've never had this much fun in my life with anyone else in the world. I even skipped work just to bond with her all day. My career has been too demanding lately so I make sure I make it up to the super awesome rockstar baby. She's totally my Elixir of Life!

Nine. Christmas day's next week for chrissakes! (Gahhh I need to stop with the references alreadyyy.) I'm pretty excited cos it's Iaine's first Christmas ever ever everrrr and I'm thinking of ways to make it super special. And oh btw I absolutely love the cold. I mean I have the lowest cold tolerance ever but shivering in the cold is better than sweating profusely under the high noon sun. Making my melanin thingamajiggies active and stuff. Except when it's summertime and the beach is all I ever wanna be at. LOL.

Ten. I'm running out of things to say. Bye for now! God I missed blogging. :)

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Cuteness No.1

I'm off work today. Usually that's a good thing except when I'm bored as heck.

Earlier today I asked my mom if Iaine and I could tag along but she told me she was just going to the bank and run some other financial related errands. So I decided to stay home with Iaine and we've been stuck here all day.

Sleeping baby = me time. I checked my Facebook, played Car Town, Cafe Life, Cafe World, Bar World, read some news and some pop culture stuff.

Then I came across these thingamagigies overloading with cuteness. It's in my list of completely unnecessary things brimming with gumdrops and happy thoughts.
Rainbow necklace with dove
In my own perspective I prefer to interpret the rainbow as the dove's flight trail. Although some people may think the dove is excreting the rainbow. Don't read too much into everything, people! It's a happy symbol and I'm dying to get one. I could wear it with almost every outfit. Sheer rainbow daintiness.
Glee cupcakes
These guys sing so well I just wanna bite their heads off.
iPod Speaker Puffs
These things made me think about my sister. She owns an iPod touch and she's crazy over puffy things. Especially if they come in pink.
Harry Potter Nimbus necklace
It's not because The Deathly Hallows P1 has just been released. I've been a Harry Potter fan for years long before any die-hard Twilight fans knew Robert Pattinson ever existed (who played the part of Cedric Diggory, killed in Book 4: Goblet of Fire). Enough about glitter boy, this necklace looks mysterious and grungy, and screams real HP fan incoming, y'all got nothin on this!
Domo mouse
Gnarly, dude! The square brown monster who needs dental assistance is apparently trapped inside a computer mouse surfing to his heart's content for all eternity. I really want this! Sooo far out!
Pi necklace
Pure genius! Forgive me for posting 3 kinds of necklaces, but this one I reallllly had to show you. I'm sure my husband would be amazed by this one too.
Told ya.

So the list ends here for now. Expect more random cuteness once another boring day comes along. Ciao!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

This Is It

I am absolutely thrilled!

February 6, 2011 is coming! Iaine's birthday is only 2 months and 2 weeks away to be exact so we've already started the preparations. Just last week, I went on a road trip with my family and we spent an entire day at a mall. Shopping, haggling, walking, more walking, hands full with heavyweight shopping bags, but everything was worth it. For weeks I've been waiting for that day to push through because that mall is one of the most popular places in Manila to buy stuff for wholesale. We all had great day and I went home with tons of party stuff, satisfied. The bonus: the husband was impressed with my shopping taste.

You have no idea how much my husband and I are excited about this party. We already have ideas for Iaine's photo shoot, party decorations, parlor games, party favors, cake, invitations, and of course, OUTFITS! Although I can't tell the public what the theme is yet. It's all very hush hush right now. We don't want morons stealing our ideas. Just like before and always. Haha.

Jai and I have been researching a lot about the theme we've chosen to stick with so we're really putting effort into making the party the way we want it. I finally hired a caterer yesterday because we kinda know her personally and she seems easy to do business with. We've been texting and messaging each other on Facebook for days, and then this week we're gonna meet up for the contract signing. I'm also calling dibs on the party venue and a photo/videographer this weekend before anyone else tries to get her hands on them for Feb 6th.

We want to make sure everything is going according to plan because a well-prepared and thought out party is a successful party.

I think we'll be expecting about a hundred and fifty people so we're very careful about what we want and what we actually need. Budget is a very important factor to consider for any occasion. We want an awesome party for Iaine without being impractical. We just want the party to look how it's supposed to look and we want our guests to have fun, enjoy Iaine's first birthday, and never forget that day. First birthdays only come once, ya know?

We're trying to settle the reservations as early as possible 'cause Christmas is just around the corner and there's not gonna be much time for us to settle things after this month. The early bird catches the worm, as they all say.

Wish me luck!

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