Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Christmas Man

This is a story about someone who turns up around Christmas time. *Ho ho ho!* Of course this is not about Jesus. So who's everywhere these days? Yep. Santa Claus!

It's the fat guy in red, white, black, and gold (can't forget those glasses!) The large old man who we used to stay up late for, just to see him at 12 mindnight placing our presents under the Christmas tree and filling our Christmas stockings. But it never happened because he's not real. (Sorry, kiddo.) Actually I think he looks like a fat version of Dumbledore. Right?

Anyway, Iaine had her 1st encounter with Santa Claus today. The three of us purposefully went to the mall just to see the man at 1 o'clock. I even dressed her up in a rockstar/ballerina-ish outfit. Pink skull and purple tutu FTW!

The little girl was asleep the whole trip, so when we got there she wasn't in the best mood. Didn't even look at the man for 2 seconds.
Iaine, the guy's working hard to get paid, cut him some slack! You could have at least smiled. LOL

By the way, a little side story.

So we just arrived at the mall right, so it was time to take the camera out of the bag. I unzipped it, reached down into it, and then... I knew something wasn't right.

My bag was wet.

Frickin' Avent bottle leaked 6 ounces of water. Six frickin ounces of water. Everything was soaked, including my two cellphones and the camera. The camera was fine cos it had a case, but I knew my phones were definitely wrecked. The Nokia phone's buttons weren't working and the Samsung phone was dead.

Dear Avent, you may be BPA-free but you SUCK. Leak problems all the time. Imma cut you. (I wonder if Born Frees are better?...)

Anyway, being the OC worry wart that I am, I panicked instantly but tried to get myself together cos at that point it was a matter of do or die. Fight or flight. Gitterdone or else. Ackkkk.


So after the Santa photoshoot we immediately took my poor babies to this cellphone repair stall at the same mall. The repair guy was so nice to us and promised that if they couldn't fix my Nokia we wouldn't have to pay them anything. So we left my fone there, taking my SIM and memory cards with me. After having lunch at KFC (pics below) I was so worried about my phone. Fortunately, they got my Nokia working again! Eight hundred pesos gone with the wind. Or should I say, water?
She loved sitting in that high chair. Made her high, I think. LOL

I don't know if my Samsung phone's broken cos I still haven't dared to turn it on after it drowned in my bag. It's an old model so it's not really that bad if I don't get to use it again, but... it's still a shame.

Sigh. All for Meester Senty Cloz.

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