Thursday, December 16, 2010

Random Cuteness No.2 (Christmas Edition)

Here's another list of some random cute stuff I found on the internet and I am officially declaring that they're on my wishlist this Christmas... and forever more. (Deep.)
Strawberry Santas! Fruity yummy Vitamin C goodness with the right touch of whip cream. Creativity at its finest. Sigh. Sheer holiday cheer.
Hey waiter, there's a yellow submarine in my tea....... Hell yeah?? Super awesome timing for the cold climate this Christmas hello?!!?! I don't actually drink tea but this thing makes me want to. Tea like, everyday.
Pandas floating in noodle soup. I SWEAR, I'VE HAD THIS BEFORE, I just don't remember what brand it was. It was delicious and I bet it still is. Hot noodles + cold Yuletide morning breeze = blissss.

Cupcake Bonnets to keep Iaine warm and cute all night on Christmas eve. I can just imagine... Too adorable for words!
A classic: Double Stuf Oreo cookies. You would think they taste just like any other Oreo cookie but noooooo. You'd be wrong! These nomnoms are heaven. I would be so HAPPY to receive a truckload of these on Christmas and be grateful for the rest of my life. And by the way Santa Claus--milk or no milk, these gems are delicious.
And lastly... Ta-dah! A sewing machine. When I saw ndtitanlady's YouTube pillow and keychain creations, *PING* an idea! She also made a giant tampon plushie too (I'm dead serious). I've decided to put this at the number one spot in Christmas wish list (the sewing machine not the tampon). Doesn't need to be exactly this one which is super adorable, portable, and girly but I would definitely be stoked to own my very own machine for beginners and learn how to sew. I've been following a few blogs and vlogs of very creative people who sew for fun and others eventually make a living out of it, and it's insipiring to see their masterpieces transformed out of the simplest, plainest sheets of fabric. I'm not after the money, I want this to be a new hobby. Who knows? Maybe someday I'll be making Iaine's clothes myself. I mean I know the basics of sewing like repairing torn clothes and stuff like that, a few manual stitches here and there, but to actually create something out of nothing is what I really wanna do.

Project Runway, here I come.

Wait for iiiiit...


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