Thursday, December 16, 2010

10 Months Old!

Guess who's reached the double digit mark?...

She turned 10 months old last December 6th and as usual, we held a simple celebration here at home. Pammi (shoutout to a fellow Bumpie heyy) complimented me on that and said it was nice that we do that every month (or something like that). Such a nice gal. Anyway, it is! It's a Filipino thing. We celebrate a baby's month birthdays before she turns a year old. Well my little party was a success and my most favorite part was I got to taste my favorite cake again. Dulce de Leche by Red Ribbon FTW!
Now for some quick updates...

One. I finally got a reservation! The party venue isn't too far from home but to get there it's more convenient to bring a private car. The function hall looks classy and it's super spacious.

Two. I'm still working. Underpaid of course! Because the Philippine's big ass government doesn't give a crap about nurses (no pun intended? LOL) I love my job but to tell you frankly, it sucks. I'm thinking of diving into another sea of opportunities where the fish are... But I'll cross the bridge when I get there.

I'm feelin so metaphorical right now.

Three. We've hired a nanny! Which is great, because Jai and I are working parents. I trust her because my MIL recommended her and she's worked as a housemaid here before. So far she's doing a good job and she's giving me absolutely no reasons to worry.

Four. I'm tired. All the time. I don't know. Do I need to take vitamins like I breathe oxygen? I don't know. I just can't handle too much stress. (A shoutout to family members, holllaaaaa LMAO)

Five. I absolutely LOVE thrift stores. Today I went downtown and spent an entire hour just looking for stuff in one. I mean the place was packed and I was sweaty and tired but I have to say it was worth it. I'm still amazed at how much stuff I could buy at such low prices.

Six. Iaine is constantly pulling my hair, screaming in my ear, pulling my bra straps and snapping them back against my skin (that last part she discovered on her own I swear). But she's an adorable, beautiful baby whose eyes can make anyone's heart melt like a strawberry/choco fudge cake ice cream on hot summer sand. So I just keep still and let her beat me up to her heart's content. Come onnnn she's just a kid, go buy yourself a big bag of humor. :P
Seven. YAY FOR FOUR TEETH! More pearly whites are rearing their not-ugly heads which means more drool, screams, and MORE SCREAMS! Good ol' mommyhood fun! (And yes, I stretched out her pretty lips for y'all to see; she didn't seem to mind.)

Eight. MORE PLAYTIME! It's getting harder and HARDER to leave the house each day because as Iaine grows, it's more fun to play with her and just stay home with her. Playtime is my most favorite part of the day--item number SIX included! I've never had this much fun in my life with anyone else in the world. I even skipped work just to bond with her all day. My career has been too demanding lately so I make sure I make it up to the super awesome rockstar baby. She's totally my Elixir of Life!

Nine. Christmas day's next week for chrissakes! (Gahhh I need to stop with the references alreadyyy.) I'm pretty excited cos it's Iaine's first Christmas ever ever everrrr and I'm thinking of ways to make it super special. And oh btw I absolutely love the cold. I mean I have the lowest cold tolerance ever but shivering in the cold is better than sweating profusely under the high noon sun. Making my melanin thingamajiggies active and stuff. Except when it's summertime and the beach is all I ever wanna be at. LOL.

Ten. I'm running out of things to say. Bye for now! God I missed blogging. :)

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