Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Cuteness No.1

I'm off work today. Usually that's a good thing except when I'm bored as heck.

Earlier today I asked my mom if Iaine and I could tag along but she told me she was just going to the bank and run some other financial related errands. So I decided to stay home with Iaine and we've been stuck here all day.

Sleeping baby = me time. I checked my Facebook, played Car Town, Cafe Life, Cafe World, Bar World, read some news and some pop culture stuff.

Then I came across these thingamagigies overloading with cuteness. It's in my list of completely unnecessary things brimming with gumdrops and happy thoughts.
Rainbow necklace with dove
In my own perspective I prefer to interpret the rainbow as the dove's flight trail. Although some people may think the dove is excreting the rainbow. Don't read too much into everything, people! It's a happy symbol and I'm dying to get one. I could wear it with almost every outfit. Sheer rainbow daintiness.
Glee cupcakes
These guys sing so well I just wanna bite their heads off.
iPod Speaker Puffs
These things made me think about my sister. She owns an iPod touch and she's crazy over puffy things. Especially if they come in pink.
Harry Potter Nimbus necklace
It's not because The Deathly Hallows P1 has just been released. I've been a Harry Potter fan for years long before any die-hard Twilight fans knew Robert Pattinson ever existed (who played the part of Cedric Diggory, killed in Book 4: Goblet of Fire). Enough about glitter boy, this necklace looks mysterious and grungy, and screams real HP fan incoming, y'all got nothin on this!
Domo mouse
Gnarly, dude! The square brown monster who needs dental assistance is apparently trapped inside a computer mouse surfing to his heart's content for all eternity. I really want this! Sooo far out!
Pi necklace
Pure genius! Forgive me for posting 3 kinds of necklaces, but this one I reallllly had to show you. I'm sure my husband would be amazed by this one too.
Told ya.

So the list ends here for now. Expect more random cuteness once another boring day comes along. Ciao!

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