Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Cuteness No.1

I'm off work today. Usually that's a good thing except when I'm bored as heck.

Earlier today I asked my mom if Iaine and I could tag along but she told me she was just going to the bank and run some other financial related errands. So I decided to stay home with Iaine and we've been stuck here all day.

Sleeping baby = me time. I checked my Facebook, played Car Town, Cafe Life, Cafe World, Bar World, read some news and some pop culture stuff.

Then I came across these thingamagigies overloading with cuteness. It's in my list of completely unnecessary things brimming with gumdrops and happy thoughts.
Rainbow necklace with dove
In my own perspective I prefer to interpret the rainbow as the dove's flight trail. Although some people may think the dove is excreting the rainbow. Don't read too much into everything, people! It's a happy symbol and I'm dying to get one. I could wear it with almost every outfit. Sheer rainbow daintiness.
Glee cupcakes
These guys sing so well I just wanna bite their heads off.
iPod Speaker Puffs
These things made me think about my sister. She owns an iPod touch and she's crazy over puffy things. Especially if they come in pink.
Harry Potter Nimbus necklace
It's not because The Deathly Hallows P1 has just been released. I've been a Harry Potter fan for years long before any die-hard Twilight fans knew Robert Pattinson ever existed (who played the part of Cedric Diggory, killed in Book 4: Goblet of Fire). Enough about glitter boy, this necklace looks mysterious and grungy, and screams real HP fan incoming, y'all got nothin on this!
Domo mouse
Gnarly, dude! The square brown monster who needs dental assistance is apparently trapped inside a computer mouse surfing to his heart's content for all eternity. I really want this! Sooo far out!
Pi necklace
Pure genius! Forgive me for posting 3 kinds of necklaces, but this one I reallllly had to show you. I'm sure my husband would be amazed by this one too.
Told ya.

So the list ends here for now. Expect more random cuteness once another boring day comes along. Ciao!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

This Is It

I am absolutely thrilled!

February 6, 2011 is coming! Iaine's birthday is only 2 months and 2 weeks away to be exact so we've already started the preparations. Just last week, I went on a road trip with my family and we spent an entire day at a mall. Shopping, haggling, walking, more walking, hands full with heavyweight shopping bags, but everything was worth it. For weeks I've been waiting for that day to push through because that mall is one of the most popular places in Manila to buy stuff for wholesale. We all had great day and I went home with tons of party stuff, satisfied. The bonus: the husband was impressed with my shopping taste.

You have no idea how much my husband and I are excited about this party. We already have ideas for Iaine's photo shoot, party decorations, parlor games, party favors, cake, invitations, and of course, OUTFITS! Although I can't tell the public what the theme is yet. It's all very hush hush right now. We don't want morons stealing our ideas. Just like before and always. Haha.

Jai and I have been researching a lot about the theme we've chosen to stick with so we're really putting effort into making the party the way we want it. I finally hired a caterer yesterday because we kinda know her personally and she seems easy to do business with. We've been texting and messaging each other on Facebook for days, and then this week we're gonna meet up for the contract signing. I'm also calling dibs on the party venue and a photo/videographer this weekend before anyone else tries to get her hands on them for Feb 6th.

We want to make sure everything is going according to plan because a well-prepared and thought out party is a successful party.

I think we'll be expecting about a hundred and fifty people so we're very careful about what we want and what we actually need. Budget is a very important factor to consider for any occasion. We want an awesome party for Iaine without being impractical. We just want the party to look how it's supposed to look and we want our guests to have fun, enjoy Iaine's first birthday, and never forget that day. First birthdays only come once, ya know?

We're trying to settle the reservations as early as possible 'cause Christmas is just around the corner and there's not gonna be much time for us to settle things after this month. The early bird catches the worm, as they all say.

Wish me luck!

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

9 Months Old!

Surprise, surprise! The super baby has turned 9 months old on November 6th. And I'm having less time to write...
Iaine celebrated her month birthday in a Vietnamese national outfit. Jai and I bought it way back in Vietnam and it's a shame we didn't get her a Korean or Chinese outfit too. So anyway Iaine had a little party at my husbands' relatives' place. It was a Saturday so my husband was home but unfortunately I was at work, thinking about all the spaghetti I could have devoured instead of a measly piece of cold banana bread. I could have been listening to my baby's giggles and singing happy birthday instead of counting babies' heartbeats.. fussy inconsolable babies who weren't mine. But the 'party' went great and I learned from my husband that Iaine wasn't difficult to deal with. For me that's a huge relief, being absent and everything. All this work is for her future. Being a working mom is hard but love is in sacrifice.. and that's what I always need to keep in mind.

And since we're on the topic of work, I was assigned at the IMCU (Nursery) in the past 2 weeks and I have to say I had a fairly easier time compared to the other areas of the hospital. The routine was simpler.

But starting this week I'll be working as a ward nurse again. I kept wishing for another special area but nooooo. They just HAD to take me back there. I prefer being a special area nurse, honestly. But whatever. As long as I got work, that's fine.

Wish me luck! Ohhh dreaded 4th main, here I come. X[
Congrats to Manny Pacquiao for another win. Iaine is with you all the way!
And happy birthday to my sister Lindsay. Love you!

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