Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 Days To Go

WOW. Only 10 days left before Rockstarbaby turns one! I'm glad I started the preparations as early as December or else I'd be at wits end right now.

Venue, catering, entertainment, souvenirs, birthday dress, check. Jai and I designed the invitations and being the only one who stays home with Iaine, I finished them myself and I've already started giving them away. As for the media, I'm still working on that. But it's only a matter of time until I get things done 100%.

I don't wanna give too much away but here's a bit of a teaser.:
Everybody's so excited for my Iaine's birthday especially me and my husband. It's a lot of work and somewhat expensive but we know it's all gonna be worth it. We didn't just pay some people to give us a party. My husband and I are really involved in the process cos February 6 is a very special day for us. It seemed like we waited years for her to be born so commemorating her 1st birth anniversary absolutely deserves a special celebration. We want our daughter to look back at her birthday pictures and be thankful for happy moments (which she had no memories of LOL). We all hope it's gonna be huge a success, but most importantly, we hope everybody has a good time and a full stomach.

It's a sweet party fit for a sweet baby girl. ;) Yeah!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holiday Recap + Iaine turns 11 months old!


Actually, I can't really describe how happy it is or if the year's going to be happy at all. I have a headache, a stuffed and runny nose (how in the world is that even possible, but it is). Iaine has just recovered from diarrhea and fever but now she's suffering from a nasty cough and an even nastier cold. It's only the 2nd week of the month but Iaine and I have already fallen sick.

We had a great holiday season though! Here's a low down of the highlights:

December 24-25. The three of us spent Christmas in Manila with his family. It was the first time in my life ever to not attend the Christmas midnight mass and have a real Noche buena coz everybody was tired from watching the MMFF parade, and meeting celebrities while shopping on the 24th. When we got back to the family biz office(slash)dorm room we just ate some Jollibee chicken and hit the sack. We did have a very hearty dinner at Friday's though. My burger was HUGE!
December 25. Iaine's first Christmas. We attended the morning mass at the church of St. Jude which, if I'm not mistaken, stands right next to the MalacanĂ£ng palace (our White House counterpart) . We had lunch @ Jai's relatives' place, dropped by @ ATC for a few minutes and then went on our way back home to Batangas.
When we got home it didn't take too long for Jai, myself, and our super awesome baby girl to take off again. We visited my parents' house where my mother's side of the family held a reunion overnight. Then right after that we attended Jai's mother's side of the family's Christmas party and took home a bunch of gifts including a new bottle sterilizer, a rice cooker, a handful of peso bills and a plastic box type container. The games were so much fun but I had a failed attempt at catching a raw egg with my bare hand thanks to my wedding ring. LOL
December 31. My dad arrived from VN for a four-day vacation so me and my babies decided to spend New Year's eve with my family. We had tons of food and had a fun time singing using our home videoke system. Aaaand I also almost crapped my pants when my dad started lighting the firecrackers. It was a warzone!
January 1. A new year has started and my mom and my aunt were feelin' a road trip. They suggested we all go to Tagaytay, one of the coldest places in the Philippines. Unfortunately I didn't have a single pair of pants in my luggage so I wore jean shorts and went anyway.

Big mistake. IT WAS FREEZINGGGG! I've never felt that cold in Tagaytay before. But we all had a great time at our picnic and even though we only stayed there for a couple of hours, we all went home happy and felt closer to one another. It was a good start for 2011.
I'm still trying to recover from whatever this is. I can't talk/eat/drink/sleep well. I can't even get a move on in the party planning department. But whatever this is, it's GOT to GO.

I didn't even have the energy to host a month-birthday celebration on the 6th because of this nasty flu (I think). We weren't feelin' it. But today my ILs held a party here at home and I'm very thankful for that. No more monthly parties after this coz next month Iaine's turning ONE!
She's growing so faaaaaaaast! Happy 11th month, babe! GET WELL SOON!!!

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