Monday, May 5, 2014

On Cuddles and Closeness

First of all, I am not a parenting expert. We all have our own parenting styles that depend on the culture we live in, how we were raised, and the kind of parenting that you just want to implement in your family. There is one type of parent that I can relate to though - working moms.

As I was browsing through my work e-mails earlier today, I heard my daughter cry in bed. She woke up from her nap and cried for me. This is the part where I drop everything and run to her.

I told her it was okay, caressed her curly locks and her round head, while she sobbed more quietly this time. I cuddled her and she locked me into place. A slight movement and she would cry again. Even my deep breaths would agitate her.
Moment captured.
I then realized that I must be doing something right, being able to keep this closeness with my daughter. As a working mom who is away from her more often than not, it is my fear that someday this closeness would just dissolve.

This is why on weekends such as this, I always want to spend as much time as I can with her. My husband and I go out with our darling daughter at least once a weekend. It could be as simple as grocery shopping, as long as we're together.

We're also planning to spend a few days with her during the weekdays as a family away from our province. The itinerary is in the works and we're excited to have her around. I, especially, cannot wait to come home to a beautiful sleeping baby girl after an exhausting day at work.

With my new job title comes bigger responsibilities, and I hope and I am doing things right at the moment. Work-life balance is a tricky thing and you have to be really careful to not tip over. But all I know is that I am trying my best to give my daughter the very best and I hope these tight hugs and cries for me mean that she knows it.

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