Saturday, October 30, 2010

8 months old -- AND MORE!

I've been gone a long time I know, so in case you've been wondering what happened to me, well.. Work happened!

Jai and I are back to work and so far things are going great. He works in an office 5 days a week in Taguig and he's home on weekends. As for me, I just finished my 1st month in a new workplace-- St. Patrick's Hospital Medical Center. I didn't think I would enjoy working this much as a nurse. The hospital admins run a fair system when it comes to job promotions and the staff are friendly. Unlike others... ;)
trust me, i'm a doctor
And what's more is that Iaine turned 8 months old on October 6th, and in a matter of days she'll be 9 months! I didn't get to write about that because the husband and I were busy preparing for a few days vacation in.....

NAIA 3 (airport in PH), about to get on the plane to VN
It was a gift from my parents. Jai's birthday was on September 26 and mine's October 8th. The dates aren't far apart so my parents thought it would be nice to take us to VN as our birthday celebration. We left on the evening of my birthday and got there around 2am. We flew back here in PH on October 12th. Jai and I had a blast! My parents are simply the best.

I could have written more if I updated this blog sooner but things are just crazy right now. There's a lot of events lined up and writing blog posts has become a chore. But anyway, I'm back, and that's what matters.

So to you dear reader, thanks for reading. Love love!

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