Sunday, November 14, 2010

9 Months Old!

Surprise, surprise! The super baby has turned 9 months old on November 6th. And I'm having less time to write...
Iaine celebrated her month birthday in a Vietnamese national outfit. Jai and I bought it way back in Vietnam and it's a shame we didn't get her a Korean or Chinese outfit too. So anyway Iaine had a little party at my husbands' relatives' place. It was a Saturday so my husband was home but unfortunately I was at work, thinking about all the spaghetti I could have devoured instead of a measly piece of cold banana bread. I could have been listening to my baby's giggles and singing happy birthday instead of counting babies' heartbeats.. fussy inconsolable babies who weren't mine. But the 'party' went great and I learned from my husband that Iaine wasn't difficult to deal with. For me that's a huge relief, being absent and everything. All this work is for her future. Being a working mom is hard but love is in sacrifice.. and that's what I always need to keep in mind.

And since we're on the topic of work, I was assigned at the IMCU (Nursery) in the past 2 weeks and I have to say I had a fairly easier time compared to the other areas of the hospital. The routine was simpler.

But starting this week I'll be working as a ward nurse again. I kept wishing for another special area but nooooo. They just HAD to take me back there. I prefer being a special area nurse, honestly. But whatever. As long as I got work, that's fine.

Wish me luck! Ohhh dreaded 4th main, here I come. X[
Congrats to Manny Pacquiao for another win. Iaine is with you all the way!
And happy birthday to my sister Lindsay. Love you!

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