Saturday, December 18, 2010

Long Weekend In a Good Way

My husband, Jai, works 5 days a week and comes home for the weekend. Today is that day!

He came home around 9am, just 2 seconds after I texted him, asking him where he was already. Usually he gets here around 10 or 11 so I was really surprised.

When Jai approached the bed, Iaine smiled the brightest smile and immediately crawled towards him. The moment he picked her up she wouldn't let go.

I live for moments like that. :)

So anyway, Jai brought home new toys which were actually presents from his secret Santa at his office Christmas party. He told them that baby toys were all he wanted so that's what he received. Actually, his workmate exceeded our expectations! Iaine got a xylophone, a bedtime book, and a musical TV. Super thanks to you, my friend!

Right now the world is at peace because my two lovely babies are asleep. Iaine just had a bath so a little playtime and a bottle was all she needed to doze off. And as for Jai, he's just tired. He travels for a few hours just to get home.

But wait, there's more! Iaine wasn't the only one who got all googly-eyed with all her presents. I got a bunch of surprises from dear hubby, too!

A bottle of Nestea (because it's my favorite), VanHouten almond chocolates, one thousand five hundred pesos worth of Soxedo Premium Passes aaaand... HIS 2 DAYS OF VACATION LEAVE! I think I'm gonna explode!!!!!!

This, by the way, is the list of the stores where Sodexo Premium Passes are honored. Yeah that's a lot of stores...
I'm so proud to say that my husband landed a good job in a very generous and employee-loving company (can't forget to mention the the health benefits--they're awesome). But most importantly, I wanna thank my husband for being such a good provider to us, his family.

*We're so proud of you Love, and how hard you work for us. WE LOVE YOU!*
And cheers to a long weekend with hubby! Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeaaahhhhh

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  1. ganyan pala itsura namin ni iaine pag tulog wehehe. enjoy the perks of facset, love.

  2. thank you for everything, Love. i'm talking about everything. material or not. <3 i love you..