Friday, December 17, 2010

Spontaneous Foodies

This is most favorite month everrrr but December makes me crave for all kinds of food which can eventually lead to unwanted gain weight. December is the month that makes me crave for creamy coffee all the time. And donuts too. But whatever--it's the month of food and festivities, no need for excuses!

Tonight I went to the nearest grocery store and the best bakery in town (Pan de Manila) to satisfy my cravings... It's just rained and it's dark out, the road is wet from a heavy rainfall in the afternoon and it was still drizzling when I stepped out at 7pm. Serious cravings indeed! I'm also motivated because Jai's coming home tomorrow morning and I wanna serve delicious soft bread and hot creamy coffee for breakfast. Even if he doesn't drink coffee.♥
The bread's in the dining room and this is the rest of the stash. Coffee, creamer, and hell yez OREEEOOOOOSSSSssss! 'Tiiiis the season to be fatty la la la la la.. La la la laaahhh....

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