Friday, December 17, 2010

Orange Ya Glad?

Iaine had her first bottle of orange juice today at lunchtime! YAY! The first sip kinda weirded her out I think like "WTH is this, mother??" but after a few seconds she was sucking that bottle like her life depended on it. Just sucking it all in to the point of almost aspirating, then she pulls out the bottle, and pops in back in. It's hilarious.

She also had a bottle of milk formula before that. And a few bites of green papaya with bits of white rice. Really, I feel so high right now. Teething is starting to take it easy on her, finally! Her appetite's making a major a comeback which makes me the happiest mom on earth. She also loves those buttermilk biscuits that go soft in water fast (and in my sweet baby's mouth) and those tiny oranges called ponkanitas or kiat-kiat which are smaller than the palm of your hand.

But that's another story. One day when I was eating them I remembered those lemon-eating babies on YouTube making funny faces. So I peeled a piece out, made a small bite at the tip and then squeezed the juice in Iaine's mouth.

She totally sucked the life out of that poor little orange. Allow me to demonstrate:
And that's how things went down. Sorta. ü

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