Monday, February 21, 2011

Suddenly, Skin Conscious

I was dark skinned when I was young and I hated it (swimming lessons didn't help). People called me names so basically I was made fun of. Well I've grown tired of that. In high school I started using a papaya soap and got great results after a few years. Yes, it took years.

And then I stopped using it because I finally got what I wanted. Fairer, smoother skin. I wasn't conscious about my skin tone anymore because I was already happy with my complexion. But since I got pregnant I've had drastic changes in my skin again--uneven skin tone and blemishes, mostly. I can live without make up but let's just say I feel much better with make up on.

Now that Iaine is a year old I believe I deserve to focus a bit more on myself and not just the mommyhood duties. I'm conscious about my skin again. I'm all for the basic stuff really, (soap and water) but because of great reviews I read at the SP forums, I bought a facial cream, toner, and scrub today. I also bought a bar of Kojic soap which is getting pretty popular.

I'll be taking a picture of myself everyday for as long as I'm using these products and then we'll see what happens. I'm hoping I won't get any adverse reactions though.

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