Friday, February 18, 2011


There are some things I don't wanna forget so tweet about them. But then I thought, what the hell am I doing? I should be blogging about these things, not just giving out snippets.

Here's a list of bite size stuff about Iaine recently.

1. 10pm is DO or DIE -- sleepytime or up til 2am. Which means I'll be up til 2am. Which is OK on Fridays because her dad's coming home. Which is awesome.

2. As of today, Iaine has 6 teeth already. 2 at the top 4 at the bottom. And today I think I saw 2 or 3 more cutting through. Oh hello there, upper lateral and canine incisors.

3. Iaine has a thing for electronic gadgets and cables. She prefers to play with my laptop instead of her toys. My pink egg-shaped mouse is definitely her favorite to chew on and she always goes after my Globe Tattoo broadband device that's sticking out of the side of my laptop. She also knows cables are supposed to be attached to something because today she kept poking Jai's DVD player with the end of my earphones. Iaine would live blissfully without colorful toys as long as you give her some spaghetti cables. Unplugged, of course.

4. Iaine has tons of clothes and I'm now having trouble with storage space. Guess it's time to say goodbye to the smaller ones. Next question: How do I get rid of them?

5. Walking is her newest favorite thing in the world next to breathing. She hates being carried for a long time or else she would break free to stand on the floor and walk. She holds on to anything-- chairs, tables, boxes, etc.

6. She knows the basics of going up and down the stairs. One foot first, the other comes second.

7. Just recently she learned how to get out of our queen size bed by herself, feet first (Yes, feet first!) and it scares the crap out of me. Our bed isn't that high but sometimes I get a mini heart attack whenever I see her at the edge of the bed and she's already working her way out of there. (Maybe to check out some spaghetti cables in a corner.?)

8. Iaine only takes one nap a day now. 2 if we're lucky.

9. I just changed her milk formula. When she turned 1 I switched her to something that's for 1 year olds but she had stools that were too soft and frequent with GP. She's now drinking PG and so far so good.

10. Iaine loves Dora (old episodes). Her favorite songs are the intro song and Map's song.

11. Everyone compliments how smiley Iaine is. I agree. She's a happy well-behaved girl and we're so lucky. She's just really really reaaalllly active and bites when you least expect it. S'all.

12. Iaine knows her dad so well. I see it in her eyes whenever he comes home on weekends. I won't forget this one time.. She was asleep one morning. Opened her eyes and saw her dad smiling. She smiled back for 2 seconds and closed her eyes again. Went back to sleep, still smiling. Adorbs!

13. Iaine makes the cutes funniest faces. Eyebrows raised, jaws dropped, arms in the air. That sorta thing.

14. Iaine sings along to anything and anyone. She also loves to dance. Give her a beat and she'll stomp her feet, sway her hips and clap her hands.

15. Her current favorite TVCs are: Colgate (brush brush brush 3x a day song), Del (baby dressed as a butterfly), Del (talking shirts) and any commercial that has Vic Sotto in it.

Stay tuned. I'll come back with more Iainisms soon. :)

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