Monday, February 21, 2011

Bad Night, Bad Morning

Why have I been getting these weird nightmares lately?

I usually dream about ghosts recently. And just last night before I went to bed I had an eerie feeling I was gonna get nightmares again. And I was right.

I dreamt I was killed and left for dead. I turned into a ghost (and some people I know). We haunted this vacant hotel room and the people in the apartment across the alley noticed there was something weird going on. So they checked it out. Me and my other ghost friends (invisible of course) kept still in our positions (I remember lying down below the window). One of them 'felt' my presence there and tried to touch my shoulder but her hand went through it and touched the bench I was lying on. She said "Ang galing nila magblend in./They're good at blending in." They meaning us, the ghosts. IT WAS A WEIRD DREAM I TELL YOU.

The next thing I knew, I was a zombie. Somebody gave me a pill that could turn me human again. I was my old self for a day, hung out with my family (hotel lobby, pool), and then when they were all in bed I turned back into a zombie and retreated to our haunted room. I was so depressed. It all felt so real to me.

I remember talking to my mom and she told me a story about someone asking her about me and she told her "Ay patay na sya./Oh, she died." That hurt.

I also remember Jai being a zombie and he had a clone dressed as Jesus. WTF.

Sure enough I woke up in a bad mood cos of that nightmare but mainly cos I heard a loud thud... then a loud cry. My poor Iaine was lying on the floor crying! SHE FELL AND I WAS ASLEEP HAVING THAT NIGHTMARE! Sucky. So like superman, I got out of bed and picked her up at the speed of light. Turns out she woke up before I did and crawled out of bed unsuccessfully.

Iaine is fine and I realized I wasn't really dead, but it was still one of the worst mornings of my life. Sometimes I hate it when my brain works overtime.

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  1. string beans and a beautiful nightmare. i like the part where im jesus. yeah.