Monday, February 14, 2011

Better Than Flowers and Chocolates

Lovely day!

Jai and I didn't spend Valentine's day together because he had to leave at 3 am for work today. Although we did kiss at 12 midnight to mini-celebrate and then the 3 of us slept in the same bed together. Simple things make me happy.

Iaine woke up in a very good mood this morning. Her pretty eyes were sunshine and her soft puffy cheeks looked like fluffly clouds you just wanna squish. She was the look of a beautiful morning sky.
Iaine after bath time
And because of that, the whole day went great. I talked and played with her, watched cartoons and sang with her, trained her to walk (and saw her take the most number of steps so far) took her for a stroll around the village this afternoon, and then more walking and playing. Now she's asleep, tired from it all.

I thought I would feel bitter because I was sure I'd be stuck at home on hearts day, but to my surprise it turns out I just had the best Valentine's day of my life.

I only wish you were here, Jai. :D ♥

About her birthday party... I know a blog entry is long overdue, but her birthday bash went so well I don't know where to start!

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  1. If i have an adorable and such beautiful as urs then really she is more better than anything int his world just like u said :) and spending v-day with her is a precious moment... priceless!!