Monday, February 28, 2011

Crayons and Toothbrush

I love my husband not just because of who he is, but especially because he is the most intelligent man you will ever meet. He's so full of all these great ideas to make Iaine's childhood coloful and memorable. To make the story short, he suggested that we buy Iaine's first artwork materials. So we bought some crayons and oslo paper, gave them to our beautiful babe and witnessed the making of her first masterpiece.
Once she got a hold of her crayons she tried to eat them (of course) but after we showed her how to draw she immediately followed suit. Jai distributed the paper among the three of us, started drawing something and Iaine did the same.
It's so simple but so genius. Iaine finished her first masterpiece and now it's waiting to be framed to be cherished forever. We also had a great bonding experience and a terrific learning experience for our smart girl.

After that artwork session, it was time for Iaine's first big girl toothbrush moment!
For the toothgel I bought one that's safe to swallow, also without the flouride that can cause dental flourosis in the tooth forming years. I also got her a starter toothbrush that has a 1-minute blinking light feature to make brushing more fun for little tots and its purpose was served well. Iaine loved every second of getting her teeth brushed. She always gets fascinated whenever she sees us brush our teeth so when it was her turn she was like, GAME ON! I even went past the 1-minute mark because she wanted me to brush her teeth some more. That is HUGE!

I'm so excited for my darling girl because things are just getting started. There's a lot more in store for her beautiful life. She still has a long way to go but I'm sure her accomplishments would be within her reach. We believe she's growing up to be a well-rounded, intelligent and beautiful lady. I am the proudest mom in the world right now!

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