Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Happy Toddler

A short and sweet post. My mom, my sis and I took Iaine to the mall today (dressed up in a grey tank top and red skirt with white socks, white laced doll shoes and her hair in pigtails.) My rockstar toddler had really a good time. We had merienda at KFC and I fed her some of my potato fries and rice. She really enjoyed walking with us and standing on the escalators. And I realized.. I'm gonna be having a lot more of these backache episodes because she just looooves to break free from my hands to stand and walk on her own. Today she's 1 year and 10 days old, beautiful and smart, tall for her age, and acts like she's two already. and I'm so proud of her!
The simple joys in life are always around. Iaine, thank you for making me realize that, every second of every day.

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