Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Soul Sisters

We've known each other since grade school and now we're still the best of friends, almost sisters. We've been through heartaches and family problems and helped each other out in those lowest moments. We used to cut classes just to hang out, talk and laugh nonstop. A love-hate relationship comes naturally because we know the best and worst qualities in each other and understand that we only want what we think is best for one another. We might meet hundreds more strangers in our lives and call them our friends, but nothing could ever compare to the special bond that we have. As we grew up we knew we were headed to different directions but it's amazing how little has changed among us. We're still the same crazy old circle of friends in high school and these ladies will always be the best of friends I will ever have in my life. I love them to atomic bits!

I'm the one in stripes and with me are my beautiful and smart soulsisters.
I'm here for them no matter what.
Undoubtedly the TRUEST FRIENDSHIP at its finest!

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One's missing in the photos, Cathlyn Garcia. Love ya!

1 comment:

  1. aww this is sweet! i can feel you on that only i have one bestfriend :) just like u we've been friends almost all our lives... i call her too my soulsister..:)

    Hey u girls are the prettiest! ang gaganda nyo...:)

    More sweet years of friendship!