Tuesday, March 3, 2009

eighteen before eight

eighteen simple things i want to accomplish before i turn 22:
(october 8th of year 09)

1. G-mask pampering for Glam
2. go to the beach
3. at least one trip to the hair salon (cut and straighten)
4. purchase my own broadband connection device for Glam
5. beat all the big monsters in 3 star quests of monster hunter portable 2nd g
6. buy at least 15 more novels
7. install a SIMS 2 game compatible with Vista Home Premium
8. *get this one thing done that i should have done a long time ago*
9. work in a private hospital
10. open a new BDO account
11. be a certified IV therapist
12. buy a pair of functional heels
13. finish a venti caramel frapp without having elimination problems (blush)
14. get a Henna tattoo (on the chest or behind the ear, whichever)
15. buy myself a new bathing suit (one piece, for old times' sake)
16. drown myself in booze til i pass out
17. buy new contact lenses (maybe i'll go for blue this time..?)
18. witness an actual shooting star

this list is incomplete and is not necessarily in my urgent agenda,
but it would be really nice if i get them all. :)

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