Thursday, March 12, 2009

Simple is Best

I've been trying to come up with a new design for my banner all day but after almost 12 hours of deep thinking I've decided to keep things plain and simple here. I figured that in the first place I made a blogger account because sometimes things are just too overrated in Multiply. I've noticed that Multiply is starting to overpopulate with shallow and personality challenged people who flood my inbox with 95% photo albums (yes, including those pesky online shop brochures that I very much loathe). The genuinely opinionated are becoming extinct, taking the days of genuine blogging with them. The copy-paste bloggers have won the battle of cyber selection (er, I made that up) and they are taking over Multiply, still growing in large numbers.

I like it here. Words dominate, not pictures nor friend count. I have to admit that I'm used to posting photos of myself in my blog entries, but that's only because sometimes a picture has utmost relevance to the topic and will give the reader a much deeper understanding of what I'm talking about. (The cheese sandwich pic below serves as a very serious example. XD)

Simple is best. White; plain as paper. That's the look I've decided to go for. All that thinking has amounted to the conclusion that I want my blogspot to represent the side of me that is reserved, poised, and intellectual. In reality I'm a lot of work but that's exactly why I chose to have a blog. It's basically an online journal. It's been proven in psychology that writing in some sort of diary is a healthy way to express our thoughts so they won't get crammed up. Vague and blurry memories can never beat out visual evidence that could give us an idea of what the past was like and help us to reflect with clarity. A blog serves exactly that purpose as we collect our experiences, filter the significant details of whatever issue it is that we're dealing with and then lay them out for world to see. Big news or small news, it doesn't matter. To me it's sort of reaching out both directly and indirectly to other people while doing ourselves a favor by gaining self-confidence while we subconsciously develop our social skills and learn all sorts of life's lessons. I love blogging. And I guess I could say that among all its benefits, I enjoy writing blog entries because it's a good stress reliever. 

I remember that time when I worked as a call center agent; my trainer always said that I tend to be too wordy and that it would be best if I simplified my scripts. She may be right, but being wordy is better than not having anything to say because that would only mean we have no ideas to begin with. And that wouldn't be anybody's fault but ours, would it? Nobody should ever dumb himself down just to conform.

...And I want a white puppy. But puppies demand high maintenance and I am high maintenance. All the forces of the universe will never allow such chaotic clash. :)


  1. a 521-word, 5-paragraph entry aint too wordy at all...

  2. i'm glad somebody thinks so.
    lols. XD