Thursday, March 5, 2009


March 5th, year 2009. The day was scorching hot and the Arsenio Laurel Gymnasium was packed with nurses and nursing students, but it didn't stop the Lyceum of the Philippines University - Batangas College of Nursing from acknowledging their 617 former nursing students who are now REGISTERED NURSES. All board passers entered the gym in single file with the students and their former clinical instructors cheering them on at the sides. The familiar faces that used to be shy and awkward are now RNs who proudly entered the gym with wide smiles and high hopes. 

After welcoming the new RNs back to LPU, the main event took place -- handing out of certificates wherein each board passer's name was called on stage (with an addition of the letters RN at the end of each name) and each of those successful examinees received a Certificate of Recognition in front of colleagues, mentors, and 4th year nursing students. The college was also kind enough to distribute free snacks and drinks in the midle of the program. They also held a thanksgiving mass and a motorcade around the vicinity of the university before the program proper, which to everybody's delight, were eagerly supported by the university heads, College of Nursing instructors, nursing students, and of course the new RN's of LPU.

The College of Nursing was admittedly overwhelemed and overjoyed by the successful results of the November 29-30, 2008 Nurses Licensure Examination because they have produced 617 new nurses -- the highest number in the entire Region IV this season. And not only that -- in addition to this achievement, Mary Ann Garing bagged the position as 7th topnotcher among 88,649 examinees and was awarded a Medal of Excellence by Dean Cecilia Pring and the Level Coordinators. It has been 14 years since LPU had an NLE passer that claimed the position of topnotcher and Garing brought LPU back in the topnotch RN makers' list.

The program was enjoyed by all. Nursing students participated in intermission numbers and even clinical instructors and the dean had a dance showdown with their former students centerstage. Most importantly, the program served as a reunion for mentors and students, and it was the perfect day to share everybody's happiness and gratitude with each other. And even though it was a quite sad that some of their classmates and friends didn't pass the exam last November, the successful examinees still could not explain the pride of making it past that hurdle and being recognized and appreciated by the college that taught them all they know to get this far.

Congratulations, nurses! May we all have successful careers ahead of us!

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