Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pink in Progress

I'll be sleeping in my parents' room tonight which means no phone calls and no internet when it's lights out. It's not like I have a choice. The rest of the house is a train wreck. The other day I even saw the living room sofa out in the terrace and I ruled out the hunch that it wanted to sunbathe at noontime. The painters started painting my bedroom walls today so I have to relocate for a night or two. Although I have to admit, my sister and i are excited about this faboosh idea that my mom came up with.

Greens and yellows are next.
What a mess.

Len suggested that the family go window shopping tomorrow for house decorations. I'm sure it's going to be interesting. I hope no family drama goes down tomorrow though or else, no go. It's almost like a Sunday ritual--the drama, not the shopping.


  1. i used to like the idea of our house painted avocado green on the outside because i was always craving for avocado shake every summer...

  2. so is it avocado green now?
    btw, sarap tlg ng spirit of summer.