Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It's been a few days now that the truth has been revealed and if you've been following the updates on the issue well obviously the wounds of the people involved are still fresh. But ironically enough, Love and I aren't in any pain at all.

Last Monday, we rode a bus and traveled to retrieve my professional ID. After that we stopped by to visit some special familiar places and headed back to Batangas after. I couldn't believe it but the night before, I gathered all the willpower that I could to make my point across my mother that I would only collect my RN ID if Love was the one who would be coming with me. And wouldn't you know it, the next morning Love and I were on our way, sitting side by side in a bus at 4am. MY MOTHER KNEW THAT LOVE AND I SPENT THE WHOLE DAY TOGETHER. Everything that we did on that certain Monday was pure bliss, including waiting for a ride while sweating under the sun and placing the cold water bottle on our skin to cool off and waving at the clueless strangers on the train high above us just for fun. Running in the sidewalk hand in hand to catch the bus ride home never felt more freeing.

The trip was exhaustingly fun. But before I sent myself home he took me to his aunt's place and there I met his extended family including his goddaughter which we're both fond of so dearly. I never thought that the day would come that I would finally hold that precious little child and actually play with her. Love's mom was also there and she was really nice to me. He said that his mom never really initated conversations with his exes so having his mom talk to me was something new... and we're both happy about that. I'm also really thankful that his mom's eager to help me land the job I'm after. That afternoon his aunts invited me to join them for a merienda of lomi and coke zero and I guess I could say that it just felt right at that moment. We were actually having a meal together and I had Love and his mom beside me. They were the family that want to belong to. I feel welcome.

Like I always say, this is just the beginning. There's a lot more that's coming. But now that Love and I are free, anything is possible. We're taking care of each other. No matter how persisent people are trying to bring us down, we will always stay strong and never let other people tell us what to do. This is true love. We know it because we feel it.

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  1. love, that day was filled with love that ive been dreaming of for so long. thank you for taking me with you and making me the happiest luckiest man alive. here's to more days like this. if only everyone could see us, especially those against us, they will definitely realize how much in love we are with each other and shit bricks in envy. i love you so much.