Thursday, April 9, 2009

The blues

Lately I've been having eating and sleeping problems. I don't know what the hell's going on with me but I would really like to find out. The problem is I'm too lazy to go for a check-up and I don't have time for that. Pretty ironic for someone in the medical field.

So anyway my mom and my youngest sister Zshalia are leaving for Thailand this weekend so I'm gonna be staying at my grandparents' house for a month. The perk: it only takes few minutes to get to JON hospital (my workplace yay!), SM Batangas, and Jai's house. I'm going to miss my newly painted room which I've claimed as my own because my younger sister Len doesn't want to sleep here anymore. We used to share this room but I guess she hates me too much and can't bear to stand one night of breathing in the same atmosphere. I wanna suggest that she just get all her stuff out of here so she doesn't have to endure the emotional stress of coming in and out to get her clothes or do her make up if I infuriate her that much, but you know I can't or else she would go bonkers. I have no problem with her really. She's the one who's got a problem with me. I don't talk to her anymore so I don't get why she's still so mad. Peace and quiet is best so I just STFU. I'm not the immature one here. Did I mention that one time when she entered the bedroom and kept hitting my lower back with the door while I was sitting on the floor going through some stuff and she gave me the stink eye, and then a few minutes later I found my stuff piled in the trash bin and all over the place? Sister, let's just ignore each other and be merry if you don't want us to make up. Sheesh.

Moving on to other news, my boyfriend is kinda ticked off at me because I've been a drama queen myself but it's just that I love him too much and he's all I have in the world. He's the only person that I trust right now (except of course my girl friends and best cousins) but you know what I mean. Am I being too clingy or something? Believe me, I'm trying really hard not to act selfish but all sorts of events are driving me insane and he's the one who will always be willing to talk to me whenever I'm going through something.

Love, I'm sorry. 


  1. ngayong linggo, lunurin ang problema sa dagat at umahong masaya!