Friday, April 24, 2009

Nurse or What?

My sleeping problems have forced me into surfing the net for 24 hours straight or even more and I think I've been online at Facebook the entire time. Today I encountered this Top 5 application and putting it up had an impact on me that I can't just be a nurse forever. I want to do more in life and be known in other careers. The list is called MY FIVE DREAM OCCUPATIONS.

1. fashion magazine editor-in-chief → Being in Anna Wintour's skyhigh expensive Prada shoes (or Miranda Priestly's if the Vogue ice queen seems unfamiliar to you) is glamorous, fabulous, and every other -ous word you can think of. It's the career of extremes. She is the boss. She knows which goes with what, what goes with whom, who goes and who stays. But the best part of this job is having easy access to all the clothes, shoes, bags and accessories that she wants to get her hands on!

2. novelist/author/writer → Ever since I was a kid I've always loved writing. I used to write stories, scripts, poems, and even drew a few comic strips. Being a published writer would be really, really awesome. It's like living a childhood dream. (By the way, my boyfriend's a published writer. He's just a bagfull of talent)

3. video game tester → I am one of the few girls you will ever meet in your life that could have a conversation with you about video games for hours and hours. I am also one of the few girls you will have a hard time snatching the game console away from.

4. voice actor for disney → and

5. singer → Lea Salonga comes to mind. Ever since I watched classic Disney princess movies I've always pictured myself lending my voice to the main characters. As I grew up I watched more Disney musical animated films and by high school my voice has already developed and I could sing the song Reflection (Mulan) and Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid) without breaking things made of glass. From there, my real dream of becoming a Disney voice actor/singer started. I explored my octaves and singing capabilities; I have now sung countless songs in front of audiences. In the same high school I entered myself in a Glee Club and trained under the supervision of a reknowned song composer/arranger. All the hard work and after school hours were worth it. I now have the confidence to sing any song anybody wants me to sing without making a complete fool of myself (unlike Jai's grandiosely delusional x who thinks of herself as record-deal-worthy). But you know just like everything else in my life except for Jai, my voice is not perfect and it needs a polish here and there. But hey who cares! It's just a dream. All 5 are. There's nothing bad about trying to get to them. Smile.

Happy Monthsary to my Jai! I love you, baby!


  1. your voice is perfect, in and out of singing. you just gave me an idea. let's make a cartoon!

    happy monthsary my love!!!

  2. my 5 dream jobs?

    1. Architect(almost)
    2. Ferrari F1 test driver
    3. Globe Trekker host(ala Ian Wright)
    4. Graphic Artist or Japanese Manga Animator...(hopefully)
    5. Bullet Train Operator(they call them engineers right?)

    hirap nito noh?