Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sick Needs Sleep

date: 04/23/09 ; shift: 6-2

Received 21 year old ambulatory patient from ER, without IVF

- vital signs taken and recorded:
BP: 100/70, PR: 78, RR: 20; TEMP: afebrile
- due meds given
- low salt, low fat diet reinstructed
- placed comfortably in bed but desired comfort level not met
- pt is complaining. refer accordingly
- pls secure consent for family / friends visiting privilages

I was supposed to be at work from 6am to 2pm, but I had a tough day yesterday and this morning I just couldn't get up. I've been suffering from allergic rhinitis again and I only took my meds last night. I figured I can't take care of my patients today because I can't even pay attention to my own health. I took the day off to get well and I'm coming back to work on Saturday.

Don't you just hate it when somebody wakes you up from a deep slumber even though she knows that you're supposed to be resting because you're sick? WELL IT PISSED ME OFF GODDAMMIT! You don't have to be computer literate to figure that out!

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