Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Her First Wheels

Yesterday my beautiful family (talking about my husband, dughter, mom, and sisters) and I went on a shopping spree--all on my mom's credit card! You gotta love 'em plastic thingees.

My mom bought Iaine a bunch of clothes and a lot of other stuff and I could tell she enjoyed every minute of choosing everything. It's the first time they went shopping with us so it was kind of a special day, and that meant buying the rest of us whatever we wanted. Oh yes, freebies!!!

My family

Grey and pink and pretty.

As you can see she loves shopping--
just like her mom!

And just before we were about to leave the mall I spotted this Looney Tunes stroller in the baby section. Soooo cute. It's pink and grey and has Tweety and Lola on it as I recall, just like Iaine's baby carrier. And because Iaine's has a Looney Tunes collection (almost all of her stuff is Looney Tunes), I was dying to take it home with me. It's just the right size--not bulky (bulky as in embarrassing myself in restaurant hitting other people's tables and occupying an entire aisle) and not too small for Iaine either. She won't outgrow it too fast because Iaine's just barely 2 months old; there's plenty of time to use it.

Actually, Iaine already has a hand-me-down stroller and it's still in good condition except for the cloth parts--a little faded and accented with orange so it doesn't exactly look like it's for a baby girl. I also have a problem with the wheels because they get stuck and another thing is it's such a hassle to push it our of our front door and load it in the car. Only my husband can do that. So yeah, it's in a fairly good condition but it's HUGE, and the last thing I want is to embarrass myself whenever I take Iaine somewhere. I can't fold, unfold, load, and unload that thing alone.

But we went home yesterday without the Looney stoller.

This morning I was still thinking about the thing and I was convinced that Iaine needs it. So I asked my sister (who also happens to be Iaine's godmother) to buy it for Iaine because she doesn't have a gift for her goddaughter's baptism yet, and to buy it ASAP before someone else does! I also reminded her that Iaine was baptized on February 20th so she must have had a lot of time to save up already. Haha.

I think my mom and my sisters are at the mall right now, purchasing Iaine's Looney Toons wheels. We're just waiting for them to drop it off here at home.

Again, gotta love 'em plastic thingees!!!

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