Thursday, March 18, 2010

SAHM and Proud

If you don't have an idea what SAHM means it stands for stay at home mom and I'm proud to be one. Almost all my hours are spent taking care of Iaine so you can expect that I don't go out very often. Usually my only past time is sitting in front of my laptop and surfing the net when Iaine's asleep or when it's the husband's turn to watch her. But it doesn't mean I'm neglecting Iaine. I'm learning something about my baby just as when I'm hands on or when someone else is keeping an eye on her when I'm online. I do that by participating at The Bump.

I don't exactly recall how I came across but right now it's my favorite website! It's the perfect site for women, especially mothers.

I've been hanging around the 0-3 months board which is heaven sent! I start a thread and BAM, responses come immediately. No question is left unanswered. My co-Bumpies are so accomodating and it's nice to know that I'm not alone in my new mommy adventures! That board is usually where I ask for advice when it comes to everyday issues regarding my baby girl. So far being a Bumpie has been effective because aside from learning from my own personal experiences, I also get to share them and gain knowledge from other moms in return.

me and my two loves
(march 17th & 18th)

So are you pregnant? Expecting? Lost your little one? Trying to conceive? Are you a mother? Well it's time to check out The Bump right now!!!

You can also check out The Nest and The Knot. No, I wasn't paid to write this post if that's what you're thinking. Lol

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  1. and every time you tell me something about that web site, i cant help singing "hump de bump" by red hot chili peppers.