Wednesday, March 3, 2010


There are just some things you can't explain. Like how that strand of hair just can't hold still. How fast you can go hungry again after 60 minutes. The mystery of .99 in price tags. Why some people have 2 hair whorls or more. The purpose of the intestinal appendix. The bermuda triangle. Why Twix tastes so delectable. Why beautiful popular kids in high school usually don't grow old to be the same. The endorphin-induced high that chocolate gives. What runs in the minds of people who worship the iPad. And while we're at it, why Steve Jobs keeps wearing the same thing.

And I wonder
If anyone could explain
How a father and mother's love could be so pure...
And how the sound of their child's laughter could lift them in utter bliss.


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  1. hmm first thing. about the .99 price tags. naresearch ko yan dati ang according to psychologists, it's sort of an optical illusion. example the price of something at one store is Php40, and that same something is sold at the other store at Php39.99. people actually think na the 39.99 is much cheaper, just because it's "39". only to realize it's basically the same as the 40 pesos. hahaha oh well nag explain talaga ko.

    alam mo, i'm starting NOT to read much of your blog anymore, kase honestly i'm having this weird craving for having a family of my own na. haha kainggit. i'm really happy you're very happy. one happy family. :)

  2. yeah i researched about that too but it's still weird to me Lol.. :))
    aww thanks for being happy for me.. pero ok lang yan, in God's perfect time, a family will also happen to you, and malay mo, mas maging happy ka pa sakin!.. maybe it pays to wait :)