Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Future Swimmer

The infamous drought phenomenon called El Niño is a pain in the ass. I wake up in the morning feeling cool and fresh, then I give Iaine a bath and end up sweating like a pig. This happens everyday and everyday the heat gets worse. Anyway, to my surprise and utmost delight Iaine didn't cry during bath time today! Maybe it was because I talked her through it or she had enough sleep last night. Either way, bath time today without a screaming episode was fun and it felt like a true mother-infant bonding experience. I just wish I could say the same for tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I'm happy that she's starting to love the water because Jai and I plan to make swimming as Iaine's first learned sport. We're gonna enroll her in a swimming club to train her to become a true swimmer. The perfect reasons are: (1) I personally love swimming and I took lessons too as a kid, (2) Iaine's aunt/godmother Yayie and uncle Nonoy are both bonafide swimmer athletes, and (3) Jai loves the water as well--he's a licensed scuba diver. It's the perfect sport to teach our future three year old child wonder.

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  1. swimmer talaga yan paglaki. wehe mapapaos na naman kakasigaw sa mga competition...