Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You're So Vain!

No, taking care of a baby isn't a walk in the park.

It just annoys me that some mothers act like it's is all rainbows, cupcakes, unicorns, and that babies just act cute and angelic all the freakin time. EARTH TO MARS: NO!!!

Babies are work. It's a blessing to be a parent and have your own bundle of joy but actually you can't miss the hair-pulling, ear-smoking, eye-popping, nose-flaring sides of being a mom or dad! The cons of parenthood are in your face LIKE THAT.

But don't get me wrong. I'm so lucky that Iaine is very well-behaved in general. As long as she gets enough sleep and doesn't have pee or poop in her diaper, she just stares into my eyes or the environment. She likes to be snuggled and carried around. She likes to be sung to or hummed to, and coos back. She's just a quiet, good girl. But once she goes hungry or wets herself and poops, she gets fussy.

When babies get fussy things go UGLY. Every baby born in the history of the world gets fussy. In fact, I might have been the fussiest baby ever (at least according to my mother). So people, don't try to sugarcoat things that are just not happyjoyjoysprinklesandcandies every freakin minute. The truth is that being a parent has its ups and downs, and no one is exempted from the rule. Deal with it.

Sure, you can say you have the perfect baby. (I know I do and I will always be proud to say that!) So why should you conceal the rest of the nasty adventures of parenthood? Iaine has rashes on her face. Iaine's skin color is a little tan. Iaine's neck looks irritated most of the time. So what! I don't care, she's my daughter, she's beautiful in my eyes, and yes, to me she's perfect. She has sparkly eyes, a high nose bridge, pouty lips and chubby cheeks. And I love everything else about her, even how she likes to pee all over the place just as I'm about to swap her soiled diaper with a clean one. So what's your problem? Why can't you deal with your own and your kid's imperfections? Why should you act like people should worship you and your parenting methods?

I blog and tweet about the details of everyday life as Iaine's mom, but I don't parade around as if I'm wearing a BEST MOM IN THE WORLD shirt.

Not everything works for everyone. If you can't understand that, clearly something is wrong with you. Go get get a wake up call and hit yourself in the noggin.

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