Thursday, April 1, 2010

Noisy Eater

I have no idea what it is but sometimes Iaine makes lots of noises while she eats. She whines, grunts, and cries. Thinking there might be something wrong with the bottle like wrong positioning, we pull it out gently but then she sucks it back in... and the riot stops. She resumes eating but after a few seconds it becomes a vicious cycle. She makes more noise and even louder noise. We try talking to her to calm her down but usually she doesn't care so we just keep a close eye and wait for answers. If all else fails, we just leave her alone assuming she's just enjoying what she's doing.

I've never met a baby who does the same thing but Jai and I have learned our lesson and just let Iaine whine all she wants while she eats. We just check on her often to make sure nothing is wrong. We don't want a "Boy Who Cried Wolf" story to happen to us.

I still don't know why she does this. Maybe she has just developed a nasty habit of eating noisily?

Iaine is generally a well-behaved baby--well, as long as we don't leave her in the crib for too long. She likes to be carried around when she's awake. If we put her down when she's not ready, she'll throw a fit even if we try to feed her. She's pleasantly calm though when she's in a good mood (not sleepy, not hungry, not feeling hot) and we can play with her with no drama happening. But when she gets tired, ahh, there could only be two things: (1) If being tired and sleepy makes her fussy, we rock her to sleep in our arms until she's knocked out--and not just knocked out but knocked out COLD, or else she'll wake up the moment we lay her down. Actually she knows if she's gonna to be put in her crib. She wakes up before she even touches the mattress so we have to be really really careful. And (2) if she's tired but calm, that's the only time when we can put her in her crib, turn on the mobile, and give her a bottle to induce sleep. Works like a charm. It doesn't matter if she's seen and heard her mobile so many times before--she smiles and coos back as if she sees it for the first time and then drifts off to sleep about ten minutes later. And then, peace and quiet.

Iaine runs the house and most of the time we know what she wants, but sometimes it's like decoding morse!

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