Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Memory

As I was taking a cool shower today, the water trickling down my back gave me flashbacks of that time when Jai and I went to this beach and I was rinsing myself off in an open shower room with my clothes on. Jai was standing at the entrance, making sure that nobody would see me. My sweet, sweet chivalrous lover.

And then I remembered the rest of what happened that day. It was the beach date we've been waiting for so long. We were so excited to take a break from the rules of the world and just enjoy each other's company at the beach...

...all in secret. This was before we went public, before we got married, before we had Iaine.

We were so free and so in love. We had the entire shoreline to ourselves; we were the only people in that long stretch of sand and sea. We took advantage of the freedom and enjoyed every second of being together. I can't even choose my favorite part of that day. We didn't rent a room and just spent the entire afternoon talking, laughing, swimming, making karate moves in the water. We had so much fun and I didn't want the day to end.

Now... I wonder if we can ever do that again.

Having a baby equals a tremendous amount of responsibility and parents can't just leave the baby and drive off to a beautiful sunset. My husband and I... almost all our hours are dedicated to Iaine and we can't even find the time to go on a simple movie date.

And we're dying to see Clash of the Titans right now. ü

Iaine is the best thing that has ever happened to each of us and we love spending time with our little Iainezy fairy, but I just wish we could go on a date one day--better yet, a romantic getaway--and relive the young love we once had. Not a care in the world. Just... in love.

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  1. awwwwwwwwwww. the best things with new and blooming relationship. :) well i think spending time together with your daughter is your present version of a romantic getaway. it's definitely a different kind of date, but im pretty sure the romance just levels up everytime.:)

  2. totoo. and everyday mas lalo akong naiinlove kay Jai. parang high school lang... haha yiiii