Saturday, April 17, 2010

Searching for the Happiest Nappy

As mothers we tend to be overpotective over our little ones and we try to keep them happy as much as possible. We make sure they're well fed, comfortable in their clothes, and most importantly, dry. You know what I'm talking about, ladies. Let's talk diaper business!

I've tried a few brands on Iaine that are popular in the market here in the Philippines and here's my lowdown on what they have to offer our little ones... and our pockets!

Huggies - Iaine's very first diapers, Newborn.

Look: Boxy. Very colorful and cute.

Quality: I've only used the Newborn size on Iaine and all I can say is that they bunch up when wet and they don't fit quite right.

Verdict: Don't let the price fool you into thinking they're quality diapers.

Mamy Poko - Someone else bought them for Iaine. 2 huge Newborn packs and Iaine used up all of them!

Look: Very cute. Winne the Pooh, anyone?

Quality: Mamy Poko is a brand that's not very popular (maybe because it has limited distribution, I don't know), but it surprised me with good quality. It never leaked and Iaine never had any skin irritation. I have no idea how much it's worth but whatever it is, it's worth the price.

Verdict: A good choice.

EQ Dry Diapers - Someone else also bought them for my baby. She only got to use them for a week, Small size.

Look: In fairness, the diaper looks cute and simple. At first glance, it doesn't look like a diaper at all when worn.

Quality: Made of thin, translucent material. The padding is thin as well. I was initially unimpressed with it the first time I put it on Iaine because I thought it would just leak. And I was right--it happened a couple of times. Also, the garters around the thighs don't stretch very well and the diaper material irritated Iaine's skin. I think it doesn't give enough ventilation. (And what magic tapes? They're nothing but transparent sticky plastic things).

Verdict: I think I discovered why it's relatively cheaper than most brands. I have no plans of using it ever again, except maybe in an emergency case. Like if it happens that Iaine got pee and poop all over herself, I don't have any more nappies in her bag, and EQ Dry is the only brand in the shelves.

Drypers Wee Wee Dry - Someone else also bought them for Iaine. Still using them because there are still a few left in the pack right now. Iaine is using the Medium size.

Look: Boxy. Designed with bold and bright colors. Generally, it looks like a brand for boys. I don't know why, I just get that feeling. LOL

Quality: It leaked once. The padding is thick, but not as absorbent as I thought. One time, Iaine's pee seemed to leak from the back and got to the bed sheets. That was a head shaking moment. I guess the pee didn't sit long enough for the padding to be absorb it. But the fit is good though, and it keeps its form when wet. Sadly, the price is more than its worth.

Verdict: Average. Others are just better.

Prokids - My little sister used this when she was a baby. My mom bought a pack for Iaine. Iaine used the Newborn and Small sizes.

Look: No bold and bright colors. Simple with some colorful details. It looks breezy and sturdy.

Quality: When my sister was a baby, Prokids leaked almost every morning but on Iaine it never did. The fit is good and the garters don't irritate because they stretch well. The padding is thick and what's so special about it is that the designs become more visible when wet, letting mommy know that it's time for a diaper change. Best thing about it is that it never irritated Iaine's skin.

Verdict: I trust this brand next to my favorite one...

Pampers Comfort - Iaine is using it right now, Medium size.

Look: It has green drawings all over it and colored faces of different animals on each diaper.

Quality: Lightweight and breezy. It has tiny holes at the back so baby's skin can breathe. The materials are soooo stretchy which makes the diaper easy to adjust and put on, creating a very snug fit. (Iaine has some Small ones left and I can still make them fit!) Pampers has never leaked so far with Iaine. It gets a little deformed when wet but it never breaks. It's also easy to tell when baby has poop in her nappy because the edges are a little thin so it's easy for you to see poop. It's worth the price.

Verdict: It's my favorite brand as of the moment.


I'm still on the lookout for more affordable brands that could be better. Some moms may have different opinions about these nappies but right now Pampers is my champion. It keeps Iaine happy so I'm happy.

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  2. pinakagusto ko rin pampers. walang hassle gamitin. (opo mga fans ni jeean, nagpapalit din po ako ng diaper ni iaine.)

  3. @ Jenn: Thanks!
    @ Love: And I'm proud of you for being such a great dad. Love you always!

  4. this post is certainly useful for future first time mommies sa pinas like me!^^