Monday, April 26, 2010

Five Times the Magic

Yesterday was exceptionally.. well.. exceptional! Fantastic, extreme, unbelievable, every GREAT adjective you can think of.

Iaine killed 5 birds in one stone. FIVE!! She had 5 firsts yesterday and to say that the day went great is an understatement.

Her 1st time to actually *use* a 2-piece bathing suit, and not just for pictorial purposes!

Iaine has 3 pairs of 2-piece swim suits and yesterday she got to actually use the newest one. She was sitting on her netted throne (the one she uses during bath time) in her... (drumroll please)

Brand new inflatable pool! It was also her 1st time to go swimming and she had a blast! Only smiles and laughter here, people. She really liked kicking the water (which made her slide all down the net sometimes) haha! My MIL, 2 SILs, my husband, and even the househelp were also there and we just went crazy about her. Too cute!

After the swimming galore I gave her a real bath and then MIL rocked her to sleep. She seemed to have passed out after a few minutes. Swimming is exhausting after all.

Later that day, Jai and I took our little Ckeeky to SM (the most popular mall in town) to see a local actress. Her name is Andi Eigenmann and she's the star of a popular TV show Agua Bendita. No matter how deep her sleep is, Iaine just WAKES UP when it's time for Agua Bendita. I know, puzzles us too.

It's not really our thing to meet local actors but for Iaine we'll do anything. So we tagged Iaine along who napped so comfortably in her Super Awesome Magic Spaceship by the way (Jai has coined that name for his daughter's Looney Tunes stroller). Because we had no idea what time Andi will be coming we got there too early and had to wait for 3 hours until the show started. I even asked my sister and cousin join us just so we can have some company.

After having laughs and chats over Starbucks frappuccinos we went back to the mall area to wait for Andi ('twas Iaine's 1st time at Starbucks by the way). We had a hard time trying to get Andi take a picture with us, but because both Jai and Iaine have excellent charm we made our way through the crowd and got what we came there for.

That's her on the right. Pretty, I know.
I thought all of Iaine's magic had been used up by the end of the day but I was terribly, terribly wrong. There is absolutely NO WAY that Iaine is just some other kid. I tell you, that child is a wonderbaby. Because last night...


At 2 months 2 weeks and 5 days old, my own kid, my girl, my baby, my amazing little Iaine rolled over from her back to her tummy all be herself. My husband and I are so proud of this new achievement! Although we're kind of unfortunate to not have witness this feat.

Nope, we didn't see how Iaine did it. Jai left her on the bed before he went downstairs to the bathroom and she was still on her back. My back was facing Iaine because I was at the desk checking for comments on my Facebook after I was done uploading new photos of her. Sure enough, I didn't even have the slightest peripheral vision at what was going on behind me. When Jai came back he specifically asked me, "Jeean idinapa mo ga si Iaine?" (Jeean, did you put Iaine on her tummy?) And I said no.

And then I saw it--Iaine WAS ON HER TUMMY! We were so shocked and just stood there for a couple of seconds before we snapped out of it and turned Iaine on her back again. After a few minutes talking about it in utter amazement, Jai realized we didn't even take a picture of it. I LOLed. That would have been precious, but hey, when you see your baby's face buried in the sheets and seems to be struggling, you just don't think about taking a picture.

I believe that my baby has magical powers. Ok, kidding. But what an amazing little girl. Life as a parent sure is hard, but I can also say that it's a thousand times more rewarding.

I'm gonna end this post with a thought:
"Nothing bad about being second. But the firsts are always remembered."

Ahh, I can't wait for more of those. =)

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  1. such an angelic face. gumaganda na si baby habang lumalaki.. :)

  2. manang mana sa u :) just like u precious pretty face...