Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'm staring at my screen trying to think of something good to write about because it's been a while since I last made a real entry. So maybe I'll just try to fill you in on some deets until something huge comes along.

1. My sideline biz is moving up. I really grateful that more people take interest in my work everyday and they put a huge amount of trust on my aesthetics.

2. Iaine is getting more clingy. Sometimes I couldn't even sit down to eat by myself. When she wants me to pick her up I just can't say no. Iaine crying out "Momma" gets me everytime.

3. Jai and I are going on a strict budget. We've already chosen a place to spend our 2nd wedding anniversary and we just agreed on seeing a concert in May. Plus, we're saving up for a brand new high chair.

4. My mom and my little sister are having a vacation in Vietnam. My dad works there and I would I could come back to visit. I loved HCM.

5. I feel like shit nowadays. No happy sunshine motivation. Just plain ol' Foxy sulking in a corner. PMS? *shrug* I don't know.

6. I'm pretty close to firing Iaine's nanny.

7. I think I found a place to live but I think we need more options.

8. I replaced my pink egg mouse with a white Imation mouse. Nothing fancy. I just really wanted a mouse that works. And I'm not a fan of the trackpad.

9. I really really wanna hit the beach soon. I had a ripe yellow mango today and it reminded me of rice, mangoes and barbecue at the seashore. I miss having family outings to the beach. But right now I don't have a bathing suit (one piece please) and I'm still working on my summer bod so I'm putting that on hold for a while.

Jai, where have our wild and wacky adventures gone?

10. Some of my friends are pregnant, engaged, and married. Some are promoted (my husband, yay) and some are fired (Iaine's nanny is aaaalmost there). Some are moving on, some are heartbroken. But all of this still falls under the category of #NEW. As for me? This is me. --> x_x

So now what?

I'm not looking for a sense of purpose. I live for the people I love. This life is an adventure itself and I'm thankful for everything I have, but please don't judge me if I'm trying to find a way to loosen up, tear the box apart, and lift my spirits.

That is all.
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  1. you might feel like shit but atleast you're going somewhere, or at least forced to have some direction because of your baby. i admire you for being so mature (relative to me, we're both 23 btw) and for planning ahead for your family's future, for finding ways to be a full time mom and a fam provider at the same time. your life is awesome, because you are an amazing person (atleast that's how i see you here). i mean, i'm 23, single, working for myself, not even planning for my future. but you.. you are a supermom at 23. OMG. i cant even stress enough how much i envy you, seriously. you are such an inspiration.


  2. wow that means a lot to me, thank you so much. :)