Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thank You for Loving Her

I intended to go out yesterday because of some business transaction and the plan was to go home right after that. But before I could leave the house, the mailman came over to deliver a parcel card with my name on it! I was happy to extend the itinerary.

At first I was confused because it's not an everyday thing for me to get stuff through the mail but I was happy that it came. It didn't say who it was from but I had a hunch that it was from Jai's aunt who lives in the States and the package is probably for Iaine. She has already sent a box full of presents before. She's a really sweet, thoughtful person!

So I got to the meeting place on time and agonizingly waited for almost an hour for the business transaction to happen (I hate tardiness). Right after that I walked a few blocks to the city postal office to claim the package. The people there were so nice to me probably because they know my husband's family and I found it so weird and funny how the lady clerk kept trying to pronounce my nickname right "Jean? Jean. Jin. Jee-an?" I had to correct her a couple of times.
I submitted the parcel card and the package was finally handed over to me. It wasn't too big of a cardboard box but quite uneasy to carry around. I thanked the post office clerks and went on my way.

I dialed my mom's phone and my little sister answered. We were in the same vicinity, might as well meet up. They were at the nearest mall so I took a trip with the box still in tow.

I killed a few hours at the mall with my mom and my sister, still lugging the box around. The only time I took a break was when I had pizza and did some grocery shopping.

Out of habit, we went to my grandparents' after and sure enough everybody was asking where Iaine was. They always, always want to see her.
A few hours later I was back home and so excited to show Iaine her presents. A doll, a birthday card, and a Dora the Explorer sleeping dress were inside! The bubble wrap was a bonus haha.
But not only that. Apparently, Jai's cousin who just came back to the country also had a present for Iaine. While I was out, Iaine received the cutest red Chuck Taylors I have ever seen!

At the end of the day I was so exhausted but very happy. My daughter is loved by a lot of people and there are no words to express my gratitude. Even a gazillion thanks wouldn't be enough. It really doesn't matter how many presents or how much they're worth -- I admire how thoughtful people are when it comes to Iaine, and that's priceless!

So thank you thank you thank you!

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