Monday, April 18, 2011

Congratulations, Sister

My sister graduated from college the other day, making her the second BSN graduate in the family. Actually two of our cousins graduated with her (all of the same age) so now there are 3 new Nursing graduates in the family.

I decided to go with a more laid back look and basic daytime make-up (as opposed to the frilly/girly get-up a few blog posts back) because I knew this event was going to give be a hassle. I was sick that day with tonsillitis (can't swallow, aching muscles and joints) and I was appointed cameraman again which meant running everywhere to get pictures. It was so crowded and so humid; I had a hard time keeping my poise.

I did what I was told and took lots of photos so when I got home I got feverish and the tonsils grew worse. I had a couple hours of sleep and then by 10pm I was okay again. Antibiotics and analgesics helped a whole lot.

So anyway, here are a few snaps taken that day:
Navy blue fitting top, floral mini skirt with fixed stretchy belt, nude sling flats, a simple vintage necklace and a brown leather sling bag.
My lovely sis after the graduation ceremony.
With our grandmother (daddy's mother).
Celebratory lunch at Britz restaurant.
Me and a glass of pineapple juice.
Too bad Daddy wasn't there.
Lesson of the story: If you're sick and feel like shit, at least try to look good right? Haha.
Congrats, sis!

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  1. congrats to your sister and cousins :)

  2. you are and will always be one of the most beautiful girl i've ever met :) ur sweetheart too congrats to your sister! :) beauty and brains talaga kayo magkakapatid!