Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fourteen Months

I'm not a fan of counting by months but just so we're [almost] accurate, on April 6th Iaine turned 14 months old! Isn't that amazing? 2 months have passed since her first birthday. And she's acting like a big girl more than ever.
Iaine walks and runs like she's three, and knows how to "pull" me and tag me along headed for who knows where--the bathroom, for example, where she's seen the bathroom weighing scale and has become obsessed with it. She also likes to take me (or whoever's holding her hand) to the kitchen. Back home she does it and here at my parents' house too. She always comes in the kitchen as long as the door's open so she can open my mom's dish cabinet that's sitting on a low table. This isn't our house so not everything's actually childproof .

Iaine is a smart girl and a sweet, sweet girl. Gives hugs and kisses even we least expect it. She knows how to play with her baby dolls (feeding them, hugging them), knows how to sing along and dance, calls us Momma and Poppa, and knows the people around her. For example, when I ask her where her aunt is, she looks at her for a while, signaling that it is her. She points at stuff she's interested in and sometimes she just points at anything when she feels like she wants to be pa-cute. One of her quirks.

And how can I forget the number one thing that describes her? Iaine is beautiful.
She's getting so big too. Literally! She's quite tall for her age. Here's what happened recently:

Stranger: (talking to Iaine) Hi baby! What's your name?
Jai: Hindi pa po yan nakakapagsalita. / She doesn't know how to talk yet.

The lady thought Iaine was 2 or 3 years old. LOL. Such a big girl :D

Yes, a lot of good stuff are happening right now. Well, except for two things:

1. Her appetite isn't getting better. A few spoonfuls and she's done. Sometimes I even need to trick her into opening her mouth just so I could feed her. It's also hard chasing her around during mealtime.

We are SO getting a high chair.

I've been taught a method and I see moms do it everywhere. I'm putting Chibi in her chair and I'm putting whatever food I make for her on her table--with or without a plate (don't worry I'll make sure it's squeaky clean). That way, she can figure out how to eat by herself. According to my uncle who has 3 kids, that method taught his children how to eat on their own at an early age.

We'll see how that works out for us before the month ends. Jai's not coming home til next Saturday and I don't plan on purchasing a high chair by myself. I'm in no hurry anyway.

2. She has a cold. She's sleeping next to me and her upper body is elevated on a big pillow to help her breathe. She's been fussy all day and her being sick didn't help her appetite at all.

But generally, all is well. Iaine, or Chibi as we like to call her, turned 1 year and 2 months old and we're so proud. (No fancy celebration. After her first birthday we were done with that monthly feast tradition. So, we just stayed home so I can work on new layout projects and then we had some webcam fun.)
So many pearly whites!!
But I did have some 'presents' for her month-birthday week. I downloaded a couple of Dora episodes and 2 Barbie movies. Aside from her Baby Einstein educational videos, she loves them!

Her personality is definitely showing each day. I'm always looking forward to having new adventures with her. I love you, Chibi!

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  1. our chibihime iaine is growing up so fast! sarap talaga magkaanak!