Sunday, April 17, 2011

She's Sitting High!

It's never too late for anything! :D

We were at the mall today to have lunch with my family (Dad's in the country for 3 days) and while waiting for our orders to be served Jai and I went looking for an Angry Bird plush at the department store. Passing by the baby stuff section, I invited Jai to check out the high chair displays and found something I never expected to take home on the same day. A beautiful mocha/white/red schemed high chair with very nice features and marked with a reasonable price! We were impressed immediately and I knew it was the "one."

We decided to skip the plush and went back to the restaurant. Everybody was surprised to see Jai carrying the brand new high chair in a folded state and I was all smiles. They had no idea-- but hey, neither did we!

Why I didn't think of getting a high chair sooner? I don't know. Maybe it just wasn't our priority. But now that I realize how important it is to own one, I couldn't be happier that we got one!

It's now extremely important that I make her understand what mealtime is, that it's not playtime aka running around with minimal interest to eat. I want to establish a routine in her and make her understand that she should be sitting down whenever it's time to eat.

Another advantage of getting a high chair is that it can also be a playtime tray, art table, and it can also serve as a "big girl" chair to use with a dining table when the tray is flipped back. It's a great investment not only for the baby but for the parents as well.

So here's a clip of Iaine at dinnertime tonight. No more chasing her around anymore. She's quietly minding her own business, "feeding" herself using a plastic bowl & spoon (with some food) and being allowed to make a mess, while I spoon feed her with food from a separate bowl. It was a success. Meal time used to last an hour or more but now it's cut down to an average of 30 minutes!

Thank you Jai for being such a great husband and a wonderful father. Thank you for being so hardworking--this wouldn't be possible if it weren't for you. I love you!

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