Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gray Eyes

Two months ago I started an indefinite hiatus from wearing contact lenses. My eyes got so irritated that sometimes I couldn't open my eyes properly after many hours of wearing them. So, I threw them away and bought new glasses which I promised to wear for months without alternating them with contacts.

But the other day I woke up to an active Iaine and my glasses broken. I was so devastated and dialed Jai immediately who was still sleeping (sorry). He gave me a quick lecture so I assured him I was gonna be careful next time.. and that I'm getting new contacts.
So today, I got new ones in Gray Mist and I love them. They make my iris appear wider and give a subtle change in color. This pair is supposed to last 12 months.
TLDR; Iaine broke my glasses, I had no choice but to get a new eye color. ;)

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1 comment:

  1. you looked lovely with the new eye color dear! :) and yay for ur lil one hehehe.. maybe she really wants her mommy to try a new eye color!