Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm not at all for politics because I know what a dirty business it is, but this time I need to speak up about something. There are 3 Filipinos who were scheduled for death penalty and as of right now it has just been announced that they're already killed. I can still hear the muffled wailing of the families as background to a reporter's update.

The issue has something to do with illegal drugs and I couldn't care less about that, but to make the long story short they committed a crime and pissed China off real bad and so they were punished with a death sentence.

It's sad, really. But is it at all acceptable to protect criminals?

The Philippine government is acting like those guys were innocent and needed a "chance." I don't know why their sentence got rescheduled but they were given a few more months to live. To me that's alright, because they have families to say goodbye to. I do understand how it feels like to lose somebody.

But here is my honest opinion: They deserve it. They knew it was a crime in the first place. Justice HAS to be served. It's just too bad that it's how it rolls in China and they needed to die. They crossed a line in another country and they got what's equal to the crime they committed.

Sorry if I'm crossing anybody, especially the suspects' families. It's just ridiculous that they're wallowing in despair about wat's over & done. If it helps, they should just pray for their loved ones.

I hope this government stops protecting criminals. To give attention to Filipinos overseas is a good thing and of course, deaths of Filipinos out there shouldn't happen. But in this case, those three knew what they were in for. They knew there were going to be consequences. They did it because of poverty I'm sure, but that's not an excuse to be off the hook and be led to think they're special.

The only people who could have prevented their own deaths for happening were themselves. I'm sorry for their deaths, I'm sorry this had to happen, but it's justice.

Let's just call it a wake up call to everybody who's in illegal drug trade, and a lesson to everyone else.

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  1. and instead of exhausting efforts to save them, the government should have focused on finding who supplied them the drugs. again, filipinos insist misplaced patriotism instead of thinking globally.